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IT and YOU.

If YOU want “it”, YOU have to go for it. YOU have to do the work for it. YOU have to connect with whatever people, places, or things, have something to do with it. YOU have to study it, learn about it, and submit YOURSELF to it. YOU have to practice it. YOU have to invest in it. YOU have to believe in it.

YOU have to believe it.

YOU are going to have to see YOURSELF with it, part of it, doing it, having it, in it, as “it”.

Most importantly, YOU are going to have to be prepared to deal with everything that comes with it. With having it. With knowing it. With being it.

Because it, the “it” that YOU swear YOU want, does not come easy.

That’s what makes it special. That’s what makes it worth it. That’s how YOU will know that “it” is for YOU.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers



Thought for the Moment [#6]

It is so easy to SAY how hard you had it.

What IS hard is making the conscious choice and performing the deliberate practice of doing the NECESSARY things to alter/change/shift YOUR circumstances or situation towards what YOU need them to be.

What is sometimes even more difficult is the process and having to endure the time it takes to accomplish what you have set out to do. Especially in the face of other adversity and against the grain and guide of expectations or assumptions that are formed based on what people/society/history states is the “way” you should or should have done something.

Listen here…

Find out what works for you, that you can sustain, and do it. Repeat it. Practice it. Master it. Continue doing it for as long as need be to produce the results that align with what is YOUR desired or designed outcome. Try things, new things, different things, random things, until you find the thing or things that do work. Use your experiences as EXPERIENCE! Count no mistake or mishap as death, instead LIVE towards the expectation and in the freedom of this knowledge:

Every lesson is a lesson. It may not take you where you wanted to go, but it can, if you allow it to, give you a better idea and position relative to your desired place, EVERY LESSON! That means every friendship, every relationship, every place, every job, every road, every bad thing, every “wrong” thing, every mistake, every avenue, every tool, every question, every regret, every hardship, and EVERY hurt. As well as EVERY good thing. It is all capable of being fused and forged into YOUR FORWARD PROGRESS!

You must gain a matter of perspective that is a perspective that MATTERS, to YOU! You have to attain and achieve discipline and discernment, and diligence. You MUST make a priority of what are YOUR PRIORITIES! And go after them. You must multi-task and multi-FINISH! You have to follow-up and follow-through! You have to MAKE IT WORK!

And where need be, YOU will require and YOU MUST accept, help! You are going to be able to benefit from the experience, expertise, and example of others! Those who are QUALIFIED to lead you. Be sure to recognize or realize when someone is actually QUALIFIED to help you! And ACCEPT that help!

No man, or woman, is self-made! They may be self-inspired or self-motivated or self-driven, but YOU ARE NOT GETTING VERY FAR, in reality, BY YOURSELF. Someone advised, invested, cooperated, listened, petitioned, prayed, considered, or thought about, YOU. And it mattered. Any story with ONE character, was a short one!

And YOUR STORY is waiting. It’s time for YOUR STORY! Your story, especially the part that matters most, gets to BEGIN, RIGHT NOW, with YOU! That’s where it starts. And the “start” is probably- from what life teaches us- the real hard part! That is the part that presents the greatest challenge. The part where you choose to change. The part where you believe in that change and take the attitude and steps necessary to make that change happen. To make that change, REAL.

It is very easy to say what stopped you. But what’s stopping you from doing something about it?



I’m going to challenge YOU to not only be challenged by a “challenge”.
Be challenged by the need, by the ignorance, be challenged by the belief.
Be challenged by the desire to empower and improve the lives around you, and your own, because they need be improved. Be challenged by the inherent hunger and thirst to be satisfied by the fullness of love and care and just. Be challenged by the hope of things to come, that are more aligned and affixed to the bounties of YOUR heart. Be challenged by YOUR reflection, by reflex, an automatic assertion towards a forward progress, exampling and exemplifying a habit and protocol of whatever it is that YOU are so “challenged” to be or do.
Do not only be “challenged” to charity, or care, or benevolence, or compassion, or mercy.
Not just for a cause, but because, BE-CAUSE!

I challenge YOU to not need a “challenge” to do better, or more, or right, but to do these things because YOU must. Because without doing these things YOU in effect challenge our progress beyond necessary. YOU challenge the orders and systems of good and compassion, with the selfishnesses of greed and ugly. YOU challenge evil for mere moments, to satisfy YOUR ego and YOUR pride, for sake of appearance, or popularity.

I challenge YOU to compel the most inner of YOUR spirit to free from the sanctum of idleness and independence out into the labor of work and necessary that MUST BE DONE in order to service a most greater need and much bigger picture.
I challenge YOU to secretly and quietly GO BODLY into the bowels of generosity and kindness and pull from there YOUR motive. I challenge YOU to be small, if so as to be sure. Let YOUR giving be cents if it can be consistent. Because strayed, stranded, and spread out BIG dollars, mean absolutely the least if not to be counted upon, or depended upon, or brought to pass.
I challenge YOU to volunteer, consistently. To promote life and peace, consistently. To speak these things, consistently.

Because YOUR greatest challenge is to be consistent. To be a flagship. To be the unnerved lighthouse along the most rigid of coast. Illuminated for even the most insignificant of ships. To be an example to the least of YOUR expect. To awake every morning and retire every night, challenged, to keep doing all and everything that YOU must to make things better. For all, for YOU.

Because in the getting of, or being given, life, there is no greater challenge on YOU than to GIVE;
And YOU shouldn’t have to be challenged to do that.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Not next, NOW…

In my lifetime, so many of those whom were, “The Greatest of All Time” at whatever or whomever they were, have died.
The list is too vast to even begin to press here, but in that vain, and has been said by so many others… what this indicates, impressed, and implies, is that, It is our time, IT IS OUR TURN!

Be YOUR Greatest.


… Then YOU Do!

Trying to change will be as effective or ineffective as YOUR wanting to change.

Trying to change will not work if YOU do not want to change; Wanting to change will mean nothing if YOU do not try.

“Trying to want” will fail,
“Wanting to try” will fade…

YOUR try must be encouraged by YOUR want; YOUR want will be enforced by YOUR try.

They are synonymous, “want” and “try”, they must be established in unison, they must be simultaneously performed acts toward any goal, desire or plan. They must be symbiotic with a simplistic course of method, ACTION. A deliberate practice towards the realization of the objective is the only way to fully accomplish the set or determined goal of change.

YOUR best try will be a result of YOUR deepest want.
Trying not is wanting not.

No matter how hard YOU “try”, YOU have to “want” it on order for YOU to be interested and invested enough to follow-up and follow-through with it, whatever change that “it” is!

YOU cannot successfully try to change without wanting to. The want is the catalyst. The want is the miracle. The want is the means. The want is the difference, the secret, and the promise.

Sadly, most people don’t “want” to. They want the results of change. They want the benefits of change. They want the profits and popularity of certain change.
But they are rather comfortable with the usual and regular of not wanting anything different. They are accustomed and used to the routine and mediocrity of not having to change. They don’t have a desire or drive to shake up the monotony of placid and plain existence that is life without change.
Nor do they want the work that comes with or that is involved after a decision to change is made.

It is not fear, or access, or situation, or circumstance, or the conditions, that are to blame.
It is a choice. It is a decision being made to not make the choice. It is more laziness than ignorance that reduces the probability of attempting the thought of change.
It is a habit of function and operation outside of belief or hope or expectancy in the realization of change. It is because the sense of entitlement is imbalanced toward a false perspective and notion of lack.

YOU have to want it. Then YOU have to try it.

Then YOU do!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

YOU, finish it!

I always hear people say:

“God ain’t finished with me yet.”

Yes, He is. God was finished with you when you were started. If you believe in God then you have to understand that it’s already been done. All of the good, all of the great, all of the glory. God’s plan, will, and vision for your life was made clear and complete before your birth.

Are YOU finished with YOU yet?

God’s plan is perfect. It’s up to you to discover it and walk in it. It’s up to you to realize it. God doesn’t walk around patrolling the universe like some crossing guard to protect you, or hold your hand as you travel the crossroads of life! God has ALWAYS and ALREADY protected you. You have to know that, hold your head up, and walk boldly in the direction of YOUR destiny!

Prayer doesn’t acquaint you with God, prayer aligns you with God. God is and has always been where God is. You shift, you’ve shifted. God doesn’t break from us, He doesn’t separate from us, He doesn’t abandon us. God exists for us. He has left, for us, every word and way to get us closer to the reflection of Himself that is US.

THINGS HAPPEN. Things that are not God. Things that have absolutely nothing to do with God but for the fact that God is the creator, the Genesis, the beginning, the Father, of all things. God started it and God set it into motion but every step or wayward bump outside of smooth sailing, is not to be blamed on Him, nor is every “good” thing to be attributed to Him. A lot of it is YOU. Most of it is YOU. God planned and purposed it that way. God designed it that way.

So is God finished with you? Yes, He is. To say that God is not finished with anything would be to render Him less than God. Why would He not be finished? How could He not be finished?
The story of Christ, before He ascends into the new realm and leaves this earth, so declared, “It is finished”, and this it was.

So the real question is:

Are YOU finished with YOU?

And the answer to that is what you perceive and realize to be God’s plan and will for YOUR life. And whether you become or just be, whether you do or choose not to, that is only a piece and part of God’s ultimate and inevitable scheme. All things, YES, ALL THINGS, work for good towards what God has already declared! You have to experience YOUR specific and unique journey according to however YOU are so inclined to do such.
Whatever dream, idea, thought, feeling, hope, want, wish, or desire that pulls at your heart and pokes at your mind is the promise that God completed it possible within YOU. And He has provided every resource, provision, and tool, necessary for YOU to do it. But He isn’t running the race for YOU, nor is He standing at a start or finish line at your beckon to see it done.
God is the starting line and the finish line, God is the race.

But if YOU are not finished with you then YOU have something or something more to do! YOU have to get up, YOU have to fight, YOU have to survive! YOU have to win.


Until it’s finished!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers