Today’s -see 12/19

If GOD gives YOU a place of refuge and revelation know that anything contrary to that is in effect a “wilderness” from the peace and promise of what He has designated for YOU! If GOD has sent YOU forth or opened up an opportunity that is provision and promotion for YOU, going back to YOUR “familiar” and formerly comfortable is actually YOU going into the wilderness! Yes, that is right, going “home” can be YOUR wilderness. Going back to those old friends, going back to that old relationship, going back to that former mindset and routine that seemingly keeps YOU safe, secure, or significant (by virtue of YOU settling for far less than YOU deserve or demand) is actually a wilderness from the promise that has been prepared specifically for YOUR true needs, wants, and desires!
Mom and Dad, brother and sister, cousin and comrade, family or friend, yes, all of them, the old neighborhood, the old job, the old mindset, the old moves, the old hustle, the old words, the old feelings, the old “safe” places, every last person, place, or thing that is contrary to the new order and/or position aligned and affirmed to YOU is a wilderness! YOU are “stressed out” because YOU won’t “stretch out”! Because YOU won’t leave. Because YOU won’t walk away. Because YOU won’t trust outside of YOURSELF for the simple fact that YOU don’t trust inside of YOURSELF. Because YOU don’t trust YOU! YOU don’t believe in YOURSELF because YOU don’t believe YOURSELF! YOU are in a silent place because YOU have refused to hear past the pain. YOU can’t “let go” because YOU won’t let “go” happen. YOU are trapped and stuck by YOUR own snare and noose. There is a chain, figurative or proverbial, but it is anchored only in the cement of YOUR mind. If YOU were to just step outside of what YOU believe YOUR limits are YOU will limit the ability of whatever or whoever YOU think is holding or controlling YOU. Most constraints rely on us restraining ourselves! The “devil” that succeeds at imploring or inspiring us most often does so opportunistically as an immediate result of our own failure to be inspired or implored appropriately towards our own good and best interest.
And it is a wilderness that awaits YOU outside of where YOU should/could be or what YOU should/could be doing or what YOU should/could be experiencing if YOU would just be observant and then obedient to what has been ordered (ordained) for YOU! YOU do not deserve to suffer! YOU do not deserve to sit outside in the cold reality of lack while a fantasy of abundance dances itself right outside YOUR grasp. NO! YOU are not the “least” of them, or the “worst” of them, or the “not” of them. YOU ARE THE MOST, YOU ARE THE BEST, and YOU ARE SO… and A YES!
Just come out of the wilderness. Most of us, as we are mired in the midst of our wilderness season(s), prolonged or pretended, exist with a physical or psychological blindness and resolution to trusting of a fatalistic idea of “by default” mentality that allows our mediocrity to survive. So we pray to the midnight GOD for the midnight breakthrough, for the midnight blessing, for the midnight testimony. And we wonder why people don’t reflect or represent the power of the “ALL THE TIME” GOD we are certain and constantly aware of! What example are we giving?
What do YOU expect?

Right outside of YOUR comfort zone, just a faith step outside of YOUR issues, YOUR worries, YOUR problems, YOUR history, YOUR story (thus far), just a deliberate action away from YOUR current “situation” is where YOU can be situated! YOU are in a wilderness and have been there far too long. YOU have probably made a zoo of YOUR wilderness and if YOU have mastered the process of returning to these particular situations and habits then YOU have probably made a “petting” zoo of YOUR wilderness. YOU are far too comfortable there and it is time for YOU to grow and mature into something else, somewhere else!
Then YOU can make that former place a reminder, a reference point, a “field trip” YOU take others on to educate them about what lives/lived there!

Because YOU are tired of just existing. Because YOU are tired of “just enough”. Because YOU are fed up with almost having, almost getting, and almost making it. Because YOU know in YOURSELF that YOU can be okay. YOU feel it. YOU think about it. YOU imagine it. YOU want it.

It’s time to leave the wilderness and GO GET IT!



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