Today’s -see 12/18

Faith is NOT the opposite of fear. Courage is the opposite of fear. Fearlessness is the opposite of fear. Faith only empowers either YOU choose. Faith is the drive that enables whichever or whatever YOU decide to believe or believe in. If YOU are afraid, faith emphasizes that fear. If YOU decide to just accept, faith acknowledges that compliance. If YOU set out to overcome, overthrow, or overwhelm, then faith begins, maintains, and drives those processes. Faith is YOUR insurance that YOU are ensured through the assurance of YOU being able and capable through the characteristics, habits, and actions toward whatever it is that YOU have “faith” in, positive or to the contrary of YOUR ambition(s). YOUR faith is the thermostat that controls the temperature of the who, what, when, where, and why that YOU are.
Fear or Fearlessness are the “deciding” factors in the process, Faith is the “determining” factor as to whether or not YOU succeed or fail at whatever YOUR process is.




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