Merry Christmas… [POEM]

Trees and tinsel
lights and bells
ribbon and wreath,
garland of Noel

Song and spirit
chorus of glee
presents and presence,
the giving of these

Wants and wishes
service and kind
faith and merry,
a melodic chime

Feast and festival
’round of way
as family gathers,
on such as today

Gifts and givings
toys and time
these all out of love,
no matter the size

Care and compassion
peace and sincere
a moment to reflect,
on what truly is cheer

Joy and jubilance
grateful and known
in the spirit of Christmas,
I pray these all are shown…


The greatest gift of all is love. I pray today that you are filled, surrounded, and guided by an abundance of love. That you are well in the bounty of loved ones and afforded the love that is safe, that is secure, that is significant, to and for you. I wish love into and unto your lives. I celebrate with you in the spirit of loving kindness and generosity and charity, in the warmth and energy of what the power of love is capable and able to do for us all.

Whether you celebrate traditionally today as Christmas or this season as hanukkah, or Kwanza, whether you observe some other religious or cultural custom, or even if you just participate in the commercial aspect of this season via commerce, or if you just partake in the indulgence(s) of food and drink, party and fellowship with family and friends, I want to wish you a wonderful and whimsical time! I hope that you delight in the treat of being present in the company of those that you love, and those that love you. I hope that the music and sounds, and the feel, the aromas, the sights and surprises all give you joy and contentment that overwhelms your spirit and mind, giving you peace and tranquility in this moment. I pray that it lasts. I pray that you are in the embrace of wonderment and satisfaction, to the surety and certainty of your true needs.

I hope that you are confident in whatever your good fortune and ever mindful of those less fortunate. The greatest of all treasures is surely love and love is valued by service. The best gift is the ability to give. I hope that today you are able to give of yourself, words or works, talent or time, money or mercy. If you can give the gift of inspiration, do so. If you can lend a helping hand, oblige yourself of such and benefit from the amazing fulfillment that accompanies being able to provide for others. It is sometimes suggested that we go out and buy things to honor and justify our wealth or richness, or our success, or quite simply, our “love” for others but the greatest gift of love is made of intangibles that money can not buy; The gifts of: Forgiveness, Trust, Belief, Reverence, Faith, Hope, Peace, and such. It is more than just platitude to recite the adage, “… Money can’t buy love”, it is true and definite. Your greatest treasure comes out of the abundance of your heart and your heart is made in plenty supply of these things by virtue of being filled with these very things.

I hope tis the season you find full of love. I hope your heart is nested in the fullness of love. I hope that you are made whole and made at peace by love. I pray that you love whatever toy or trinket you were able to give or receive. I pray that you are exposed to the intimacy and incredibleness of what being able to give and receive truly means. I pray, want, and hope that, as the song says, “… This Christmas will be, a very special Christmas…”, for you and for me.




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