Failure is an option… [POEM]

Failure is an option,
cute to say it isn’t,
because success is an ugly story
and there are gruesome details
of those who prevailed
and worry
but no one wants you
to know that part
that even
the most incredible masters
have a change of heart
and doubts
that outweigh determination
and no patience
and panic attacks
hyperventilating, damaging facts
truths that were vicious lies
and questions
about how many tries it takes
before you give up
or throw in the towel,
to cover your mistakes
and anxiety
about the time
that working hard seems to waste
when easy routes and shortcuts
get you just as much
and faster
and contrary to what they speak
easy money will last you
if you do
what you’re supposed to
but they won’t tell you that
and I’m not supposed to
reveal that
“The True Hollywood Story”
of most people they tell you about
is supposed to tell you about,
that most people
only want you to know
what they tell you about
and not that
they go home to empty houses
or filled ones with no support
or no love
nor recognition
of what they are worth
just expectations
to produce
and there is a word for what you suffer as a consequence,

Failure is an option,
an excused absence
from further mediocrity
or the madness
of philosophy
that states that
you eventually get what is yours
as long as you move forward
but the truth is
some people have to give up
long before
or suffer the consequence
of believing in something else
something other than hypothesis
there is no guarantee
that you’ll earn or profit
positive to what you suggest
and investing to any extent,
even in yourself,
is still a risk
and no matter how hard you try
variables still exist

You might not make it
and faith only gets you so far
and support is circumstantial
and trust is of no regard
and there is not enough
to go around
and way more die trying
than live doing

Failure is an option
an all too visceral vital
in spite of affirmation
or the chasing of dreams
that are never to be realized
or deemed suitable for belief
of or from those who don’t see

Failure is an option

and that is why you make it
if you do
because you made another choice
because you proved
that you wanted to
that you had in sight every notion
to go forward
according to you
and you overcame obstacles
and history
and tradition
and the blues
to create color
where there was darkness
or hardly any chance of chance
and the harder it rained paralyzing adversity,
you danced
and entered forbidden territories
and opened locked doors,
kicked down or picked
and self-medicated your wounds,
bandaged up or licked
and lost sleep
and friends
and family
and hope
and your reputation
and most of anything you had
or were
saying to yourself, YES
but hearing, “NO”!
from statistics
and business plans
and formats
and the crowd
and what for?

To find out that
failure is an option
a required one for sure
much aligned with fate or destiny
a pretentious sort of lure
a devious form, distraction
an oddly noted cure,
to fail is to excel,
for all whom should endure…

Failure is an option
juxtapose to your success
but just as much responsible
for results or such your best

so kindly perceive thus disappointment
as driving force to change
and thrust forge into failure
as anecdote for pain

And keep trying,

until you fail
and until you learn
and until you win
and until you see
that failure is an option,
but your choice is to succeed!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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