Today’s -see 1/21/2014

YOU don’t have to be;
They “think” YOU are.

The “Perceived” threat.

YOU just want what is YOURS. YOU just want what is due YOU because of YOUR hard work and effort and skill and talent. YOU want what YOU have earned and should be able to have because YOU went after it, because YOU deserve it. YOU don’t have YOUR eyes on anything other than that. YOU don’t see anyone as competition or as an obstacle because YOU know that no one can take what is rightfully YOURS! YOU don’t have an agenda or motive to outshine others or steal spotlights or popularity. YOU do YOU. YOU want what is best for YOU. YOU have wants and needs and circumstances and situations that YOU are dealing with and YOU don’t have the time nor the energy to waste “hating” on someone else or trying to get what they have because YOU have work to do to get the things that YOU need to get for YOU. The fact that YOU make it “look” easy or good while YOU do does not mean that is easy, or that everything is “good”, by no stretch of the imagination. YOU just are who YOU are and some things are just YOUR “thing”.

But “they”, don’t see it like that.

What is so much more worse and damming than a threat is a “perceived” threat. The imagination of a possible danger. An expected unimaginable. A perception. A guess. A fear. The threat of what one has imagined for no reason other than imagination. Because a perceived threat was easy to accomplish. Because a perceived threat is silent. A perceived threat is volatile. A perceived threat is sensitive. A perceived threat is suspect to delusion. A perceived threat has no aim, no filter, no basis. This makes it all the more dangerous.

Are YOU the “perceived” threat?

If I were to issue a threat to YOU, whatever the threat was or promised to achieve, and YOU knew that it was me that had threatened YOU, even if YOU had no knowledge of why or when or where, YOU would still be able to protect or prepare YOURSELF for the possibility of impending danger or harm. And threats, by definition, are very successful in their ability to fulfill the meaning of their definition. Whatever the threat is, because of it action is taken or changes or adjustments are made. A threat to my survival is accordingly addressed and eliminated for the surety of my survival. Whatever the threat or harm is towards me, if I am aware of it or made aware of it, I will handle it or I will make attempt to handle it. That’s how YOU deal with threats.

But then there are the people who “perceive” YOU or YOUR gift or YOUR talent or YOUR skills or YOUR attitude or YOUR accomplishment or YOUR “potential” or YOUR personality or whatever it is, even the smallest of things, to be a threat.

And YOU have no idea how bad this can be.

Tupac, in the song “Smile” has this line I always think about where he says, “…You black, you ain’t got nothin’ to be worried about…”

Actually, YOU do.

There are people who just think that YOU are going to “out-YOU” them. Not “out-them” them, not just outdo them, but “out-YOU” them. Because YOU have something they want and YOU seem to have so much of it that YOU are going to inevitably want more of it, like ALL of it, and there will be none left for them. And YOU seem to be the favored, or chosen, or special, or popular, one. YOU seem to just always find a way to be or do or have or get. And people tend or seem to like YOU or if people don’t, it doesn’t seem to affect YOU. YOU have this resilience, this courage, this discipline, this attitude, this work ethic, this “thing”. And YOU act like YOU don’t know what is but YOU radiate it. YOU flaunt it. YOU have the audacity to act like anyone or everyone could do what YOU do. And YOU do YOU despite limitations or warnings or obstacles. And YOU SPEAK LIFE into YOUR dreams and goals and plans. And YOU show up and YOU show out! And YOU have the nerve to be humbled, but not mute, just humbled. And YOU say that YOU are going to the top.

And they believe YOU…

And so people YOU thought had YOUR back begin to question YOUR motives. Family, friends, associates, in no particular order or at any prompting, just randomly start acting “funny”. And YOU don’t just sense resistance, YOU get resistance. YOU get hate. YOU get jealousy. YOU get talked about. YOU get left. YOU get looked over. YOU get ignored. YOU get avoided.

But YOU are still the same YOU…

And YOU start hearing that someone who knows just a little about YOU seems to be spreading a lot of information about YOU. And there are these attacks on YOUR character or YOUR decision making and of course YOUR mistakes. And we have all made mistakes. YOU know that YOU have and YOU know that they have but they highlight YOURS. They condemn YOU for YOURS. They eliminate YOU from certain considerations because of YOURS. Because they “believed” (perceived) YOU to be a threat…


Whether YOU do or whether YOU don’t, someone is not going to be happy. Someone is going to feel left out or looked over. Someone is going to feel like YOU took something that was theirs or that they could have done a better job than YOU did or are doing. Whether YOU succeed or fail, there will be a chorus of people judging and criticizing YOU for something or another. And yes misery enjoys company. So YOU will definitely be the resounding subject and topic of many discussions of people who actually do know YOU and about YOU and have information that they will attempt to use to discredit, demean, delay, and/or distract YOU. They will have platforms and podiums to do this. And there is nothing YOU can do about that. Because YOU are a threat to them. YOU are a threat to their futility. YOU are a threat to their excuses. YOU are a threat to their laziness. YOU are threat to their mediocrity. YOU are a threat to their comfort. YOU are a threat to their belief that they can not do the same thing that YOU are doing. YOU are a threat to their worst fear…

That YOU are exactly who YOU said YOU are. And where they believed that YOU just got the spot YOU are in, well, because of them, because they are going out of their way to hold YOU back, to hate on you, to try to stop YOU, YOU are going to do more, dream bigger, fight harder, and consistently, persistently, relentlessly. Until YOU get what YOU deserve. What they want. What they are afraid of…



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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