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Name calling… [POEM]

You call him KING,
You crown him
You call him NIGGA,
You down him
You call him NOTHING,
You clown him

I know,
I’m around them

Found them to be more susceptible to success at the mere suggestion of possibility
Nothing to do with an unwillingness to comply,
but ability

They don’t have an opportunity to try
Just pressure to produce
and if you are going to find a problem with him either way,
He figures, whats the use?

This poem is for those of us being lied to
For those whose intentions got lost in the intermission of life,
I know you tried to
but before you could ascend,
You were accosted or assumed to
And as soon as you do,
They bury you
without a funeral,
I’ve got proof
and the scars too
speaking of speaking into existence,
Stop saying you got bars fool
They got bars too!
Daddy say we dun had too many signs,
He’s right, I’ve heard “Hell Yea” in too many rhymes,
that’s the law of attraction
Repeat this 20 times…,
Loud too…

Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music
Trap music

It’s that music, and music like it
that leads us wrong,
We were once a product made possible by freedom songs
unfinished business,
they beat us
then feed us wrong
got us in the paint, back to the basket
leading us on
we need to be gone
but instead we’re asking the big bad wolf
to lead us home…

You call him KING,
You crown him
You call him NIGGA,
You down him
You call him NOTHING,
You clown him

I know,
I’m around them

Truth is that we got egg on our face
ran at the first sign of smoke
and yelled fire
But it was arson
scrambled his story,
you can tell he’s lying
but we launched into full scale attack
and jumped on faulty bandwagons
driven by media
making insignificant issues out of locs,
and pants saggin
ass backwards
but demand action,
Oh, but that’s the scam,
catch it…

They pass out strikes
like chalkboards in math class
then tell him he don’t count
until he got cash
but he can’t count
so he got mad
and he can’t count on the system,
they got Dad
Momma counted on him
until it got bad
then she just blamed him
cause he count stash
everybody else counted him out
so he bout mad
and all he ever wanted to do was count,
matter of fact

You call him KING,
You crown him
You call him NIGGA,
You down him
You call him NOTHING,
You clown him

I know,
I’m around them

No sense in blaming Mr. White
when we complain about Mr. Right
steady playing Mr. Nice
putting it off until tomorrow
because we don’t feel like explaining this, tonight

And change gon’ come
been anthem since our ancestors
change gon’ came and went
we just a chantin’…

(Sing with me)
Fuck bitches
Get money
Thug life
Who want it
Pop that
Shake dat
Take that
Take that
Take that
Take that…

Like you’re supposed to
because of what you’re exposed to
because you were told to
not because you chose to

I told you,

You call him KING,
You crown him
You call him MIGGA,
You down him
You call him NOTHING,
You clown him

I know,
I’m around them.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Somebody Say Something [POEM] {VIDEO}

Before he walks out that door
And before he tries a joint
Before he gets drunk for the very first time
Before he makes up his mind to make a point
Before he loses his virginity
Before he gains a reputation
Before he is influenced by the world around him
Before he forgets his way and finds himself waiting,
For a bus
that’ll take him where he has to be Rather than where he wants to go Because no one ever paid attention
To him
or what he was doing,
So before we let him go . . .

Somebody Say Something

Somebody say “Hi”
before he tries it
And show him what it means to not be focused
And just remind him that he doesn’t need Marijuana to manifest–
rather tell him now Hemp is hopeless and I hope this is no knock to those who feel the need to make herbs a dietary supplement
But I’ve done a study of my own
and statistics show
that an altered state of awareness may enact subsequent failure
and there is no need to tell you
how many brothers have already smoked away chance after chance to advance in a society that stands on a platform that pales in comparison to anything right–
but for just these moments we might want to oblige–
if not for our people,
let’s just say it’s for our pride
So we can be proud of him
because he stood for something
and couldn’t stand smoke
So he never started smoking
and as a child he realized drugs were no joking matter
and let’s hope he’ll learn an important lesson before he has to find
out the hard way and before we find out what happens after,

Somebody Say Something

Before he goes out into this world not knowing the difference between free will and freedom
and makes the mistake of not making the distinction that free will is from God and freedom is from this country and once he appreciates the difference he’ll know what it means to hear some things and some things can only be heard if you listen
So he’ll listen to his heart before he listens to his homeboys
and he won’t have to look so far for answers
Friends can give you advice
but they can’t necessarily give you chances
This is no dress rehearsal
This is real life–no second chances He’d better get it real right–right now.
And he might not know that because we didn’t show him
and what he doesn’t know is
what he knows
is way more important than who might know him
and where he is right now
is only the starting point
for where he’s going
and even though he might mean to
mean the best
when he becomes a man
meaning means nothing.
He’ll have to make a decision to be a man of his word
and that’s one thing he’s probably never heard

So, Somebody Say Something

He already has a predisposition to lack thereof–
Lack of funding and moral guidance
Lack of responsible individuals that will hold him liable
and won’t just lie to him
Lack of positive reinforcement
with examples of success
Rather we will expose him to poverty and the notion it suggests–
more than likely he’ll never hear from those who made it how to do just that because those individuals are never so visible once they move up
They do just that
and he’s already going to deal with a father who’s invisible
and a mother who holds him responsible for that
and a system that will teach him nothing of his past and won’t prepare him for his future
Don’t they understand that it takes more than nature to make this boy a man
When it comes to his stance,
what’s in his pants is useless
But they’ll have him believe he can use it whenever
and won’t tell him the pain that comes with pleasure
and no one explains that his body is a temple
and that what’s down there is a treasure
to be found
by someone special–
and special ain’t the moment that makes it feel nice–
special is the woman
that makes him feel life
By marrying him,
she’ll make him right
So somebody tell him to wait
Is there anyone that hates to see illiteracy more than I do?
I’m not saying you have to conjugate verbs and nouns like I do
But these little young black men sound foreign and
it’s almost as if they try to
But that’s because
we’d rather read them their rights than read to them at night
We’ll wait till they go wrong
Then try to lead them right
then blame it on their songs
or their situation
Someone please stand up and be held accountable
an entire generation is waiting
and no one seems to be concerned
So maybe we’ll send them to the church
Where the preacher will tell them they’ll burn
If you keep trying to hide the truth Then that’s exactly what they’ll learn

So somebody Say Something

Tell them that the only thing that matters Is that he matters in the end
And if he never finds himself
Then he himself will never matter to his friends
And tell him that real men believe in God
And we love one another
And we find beautiful wives
because we loved our mothers
and saw to it that our sisters didn’t find it hard to find someone worthwhile
and if she has any glimmer of hope inside herself
she’ll teach this to her child
and he’ll grow up to be the father that I never had
and he’ll have respect, honor, dignity and compassion
for the reality is–
faith is a concept–
yet one not so hard to grasp

I hope he hears me

Before he walks out that door
and before he tries a joint
Before he gets drunk for the first time
Before he makes up his mind to make a point
Before he loses his virginity
Before he gains a reputation
Before he is influenced by the world around him
Before he forgets his way and finds himself waiting
for a bus
that’ll take him where he has to be rather than where he wants to go because no one ever paid attention to him
or what he was doing
Before we let him go…

Somebody Say Something

©2005 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Mission “Aborted”… [POEM]

My city is known
for abortions
of Black Youth,
they might tell you different
but I got proof:
at least 21 attempted this weekend,
at least 3 went through
no medical card needed,
any age is approved

How are we Blaming Chief Keef
for “Indian in our family” problems
Mayor pass on responsibility,
Folks say Hoover can solve ’em
but this ain’t nothing new,
It’s a blood renaissance,
no Harlem

Chief say it’s a gun issue
but that’s not accurate
We can find the guns
Where are the advocates?

While we ignore the 70 story elephant
the propaganda is evidence
but that’s not relevant…
This ain’t about races,
It’s about location
We call it Chi-Raq,
They want their city back,
they’re impatient

They redlined the red-liners
until they had secured enough tax dollars and subsidies to grant reason and justification to plead for their safety,
They’ve been building up barriers and buying back Bronzville, putting off projects to refurbish the projects, while pushing the problem further south,
The wild hundreds doubled,
our decimals subtracted
we aren’t supposed to remember
so we reacted…

According to plan

And meanwhile,
schools close
like soup kitchen doors
after dinner
as if hunger only takes place
between the hours they give us,
watch what they do
with those buildings

Non-talk of the real issues
while these kids walk
in these still issued,
no matter how they help you play,
they still gym shoes
Nike made 2 billion bucks,
gave Jordan a house nigga cut,

We got dem J’s tho
and can play some spades Bro
Rap used to be different,
I remember them days, Yo!


They deliver abortions here
on-site services
any age group is eligible
for no reason purposes.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

In particular to the gunplay… [POEM]

In particular to the gunplay…

They say its global warming/
but I’m more inclined to believe that God is warning us not to go outside and so he’s only warming the city in increments less these dudes continue killing shit/
so I’ll make due with a 60 degree summer if it means that at least 60 plus mothers will get to slumber without waking up to the notice that they baby, good or bad, didn’t make it through the night/
hence a hint of sunshine and these motherfuckas lose they goddamned minds/
I’ve tried to use more subtle language but it doesn’t seem to resonate with the danger so maybe I need to address it in a manner that reflects the anger that has so enraged us in hopes that one of these cowards might have the courage to restrain from showing us how scared he is/
A gun don’t make you gangsta/
it just show us how scared you is/
Especially when the conflict is over some shit you could’ve talked out or walked away from/
more than likely a chick or some chips you could just walk away from/
Or a territory that you are just a walk away from/
We ain’t all got to be “ace boon coons” but you in a situation that I’m just a block away from/
so maybe you can see that I got a son I’m trying to be an example for and I already have to compete with music and a mainstream eager to give him a sample of the art that imitates the life you intimate you so loyal to/
When in fact you ain’t so loyal dude…/
But it sounds good to use keywords in the hood to impress upon those that don’t know no better the suggestion that you know it better than you actually do/
But it’s over for that script,
I’m writin’ the truth…/
In preparation for legislation that will attempt to level the playing field/
Upon the governor’s signature, guns will become legal to carry, concealed/
and that little signing is a big deal/
we used to learn the block on “big wheels” but our children will need “the beast” or get killed/
Just to walk outside is now a big thrill/ especially if you make it back/ let’s get real/ we are humans, created solely to interact, by His will/
So come on rain/
Noah’s day flood this city if that’s what needs to be to drown out the dry hearts and maybe rust the guns/ they’ve turned a beautiful place into a video game/ “Call of Duty”/ just for fun/
to the soundtrack of a post pubescent pop star that sets the tone/
Bang, Bang/
It’s got to change.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Where is hope…. [POEM]

What happened to hope,
was it murdered just as was she
an innocent baby just died,
it appears hope also left the scene

And what’s to be said of good,
there must’ve been good somewhere
can’t be that all witnesses were bad
and that bad was the only one fair

Surely someone else cares
certainly care gave a shit,
or does no one really give a fuck
and our life is but what we make of it

No conscious, remorse or pause,
one of these bandits did feel,
but neither concern or urge would cause
a selfish evil to reveal

And naught a samaritans job
to be willing to open their mouth
for its but a video game to play
And a restart to let them out

So what became of cause?
The reason that deed was done,
Can we really blame being irresponsible on the ignorant senses of guns

And poor and lost and embarrassed
Surely they share in this rage,
Because they are just as much to blame
As every rapper that takes his stage

The poets, the parents, the pimps
have access as easy as any
And they, the biggest of lies,
for opinions they share with us many

Well what happened to Faith,
I know faith, Faith wouldn’t deceive
Or is faith just open on Sundays?
for a price you wouldn’t believe…

The truth? The truth won’t ignore,
The truth has facts to dispense
But the truth is just another murder,
and the truth is no evidence.

©2013 Cornelious M. Flowers III