Where is hope…. [POEM]

What happened to hope,
was it murdered just as was she
an innocent baby just died,
it appears hope also left the scene

And what’s to be said of good,
there must’ve been good somewhere
can’t be that all witnesses were bad
and that bad was the only one fair

Surely someone else cares
certainly care gave a shit,
or does no one really give a fuck
and our life is but what we make of it

No conscious, remorse or pause,
one of these bandits did feel,
but neither concern or urge would cause
a selfish evil to reveal

And naught a samaritans job
to be willing to open their mouth
for its but a video game to play
And a restart to let them out

So what became of cause?
The reason that deed was done,
Can we really blame being irresponsible on the ignorant senses of guns

And poor and lost and embarrassed
Surely they share in this rage,
Because they are just as much to blame
As every rapper that takes his stage

The poets, the parents, the pimps
have access as easy as any
And they, the biggest of lies,
for opinions they share with us many

Well what happened to Faith,
I know faith, Faith wouldn’t deceive
Or is faith just open on Sundays?
for a price you wouldn’t believe…

The truth? The truth won’t ignore,
The truth has facts to dispense
But the truth is just another murder,
and the truth is no evidence.

©2013 Cornelious M. Flowers III


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