In particular to the gunplay… [POEM]

In particular to the gunplay…

They say its global warming/
but I’m more inclined to believe that God is warning us not to go outside and so he’s only warming the city in increments less these dudes continue killing shit/
so I’ll make due with a 60 degree summer if it means that at least 60 plus mothers will get to slumber without waking up to the notice that they baby, good or bad, didn’t make it through the night/
hence a hint of sunshine and these motherfuckas lose they goddamned minds/
I’ve tried to use more subtle language but it doesn’t seem to resonate with the danger so maybe I need to address it in a manner that reflects the anger that has so enraged us in hopes that one of these cowards might have the courage to restrain from showing us how scared he is/
A gun don’t make you gangsta/
it just show us how scared you is/
Especially when the conflict is over some shit you could’ve talked out or walked away from/
more than likely a chick or some chips you could just walk away from/
Or a territory that you are just a walk away from/
We ain’t all got to be “ace boon coons” but you in a situation that I’m just a block away from/
so maybe you can see that I got a son I’m trying to be an example for and I already have to compete with music and a mainstream eager to give him a sample of the art that imitates the life you intimate you so loyal to/
When in fact you ain’t so loyal dude…/
But it sounds good to use keywords in the hood to impress upon those that don’t know no better the suggestion that you know it better than you actually do/
But it’s over for that script,
I’m writin’ the truth…/
In preparation for legislation that will attempt to level the playing field/
Upon the governor’s signature, guns will become legal to carry, concealed/
and that little signing is a big deal/
we used to learn the block on “big wheels” but our children will need “the beast” or get killed/
Just to walk outside is now a big thrill/ especially if you make it back/ let’s get real/ we are humans, created solely to interact, by His will/
So come on rain/
Noah’s day flood this city if that’s what needs to be to drown out the dry hearts and maybe rust the guns/ they’ve turned a beautiful place into a video game/ “Call of Duty”/ just for fun/
to the soundtrack of a post pubescent pop star that sets the tone/
Bang, Bang/
It’s got to change.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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