Mission “Aborted”… [POEM]

My city is known
for abortions
of Black Youth,
they might tell you different
but I got proof:
at least 21 attempted this weekend,
at least 3 went through
no medical card needed,
any age is approved

How are we Blaming Chief Keef
for “Indian in our family” problems
Mayor pass on responsibility,
Folks say Hoover can solve ’em
but this ain’t nothing new,
It’s a blood renaissance,
no Harlem

Chief say it’s a gun issue
but that’s not accurate
We can find the guns
Where are the advocates?

While we ignore the 70 story elephant
the propaganda is evidence
but that’s not relevant…
This ain’t about races,
It’s about location
We call it Chi-Raq,
They want their city back,
they’re impatient

They redlined the red-liners
until they had secured enough tax dollars and subsidies to grant reason and justification to plead for their safety,
They’ve been building up barriers and buying back Bronzville, putting off projects to refurbish the projects, while pushing the problem further south,
The wild hundreds doubled,
our decimals subtracted
we aren’t supposed to remember
so we reacted…

According to plan

And meanwhile,
schools close
like soup kitchen doors
after dinner
as if hunger only takes place
between the hours they give us,
watch what they do
with those buildings

Non-talk of the real issues
while these kids walk
in these still issued,
no matter how they help you play,
they still gym shoes
Nike made 2 billion bucks,
gave Jordan a house nigga cut,

We got dem J’s tho
and can play some spades Bro
Rap used to be different,
I remember them days, Yo!


They deliver abortions here
on-site services
any age group is eligible
for no reason purposes.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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