Untrue. [POEM]

It is never as it seems
or so suggest that I should find
while a love I’d hoped to possess
was not just a love of mine

Things happen, humans feel
trust must be given at the least
what takes place behind my back,
surely breaks in front of me

Secret kisses, purposed touch
I’ve feared it all the same
wanting wonder in its darkness
that whose you are would call my name

Or that you’d not give him my body
as said was mine yours whole to be
yet at any given moment
you’ve shared with them what’s gone to me

Stupid promises and hopes,
just outright selfish lies,
You could have had me as an option,
Why’d you make me compromise

I know not that he knows just as much
my smile is placed to let him know
how dare you keep him warm inside
You told me you let him go

That taste so sour unfamiliar,
that recognized me pause
You’ve let him wash away my paint
with his stains aside your walls

And it is jest he finds to introduce
when path of ours doth meet
He gets to hide behind the truth
I’m exposed behind defeat

And titles given that I’ve known
made not much sense before
You rest assured that all was pure
when I knew that there was more

And so many played this game as well
as if the joke was I
an orchestrated scheme of sorts
to keep me standing by

So tears should crash and years should pass,
you’d still be lying near
How could you live inside yourself
knowing true what’s been so clear

That you never wanted just as me
just “you and I” was not
Instead you gave your all to all
and left me with what I got

I’ve prayed and sought counsel,
cried and changed
unsuspectingly sharing my hurt
When all along unbeknownst to me,
you never had intentions to work

A laughing stock,
the towns great fool,
a victim of love once was,
So yet don’t wonder,
nor threat nor thunder
You deserve my absence,

©2013 Cornelious M. Flowers III


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