Games, of love (Mind) [POEM]

I told you every lie you needed to hear in order for me to disappear,
I hid behind every time you closed your eyes hoping that a “maybe next time” would reappear,
I gave you hope that time would prove that time had found you gone, that what you had was not in fact but instead just something wrong,
I showed you love in deferent to sides so that you’d let love be, but gave you reason right to hate him so and wrong to not love me,
I threw away your gifts of care instead I hoarded fear, in stress I found your soul existent rumbled over near,
In darkness kept your smiles and laughs so that you’d cry them out, while toying with the pickled soul you’ve offered me to spout,
I gave you joys of pain and turned them to and fro,
escaping gaping holes of fear without a way to go,
Covered dreams in tastes of suit with candied coated shells,
But pit them on a plane to space and sunk them into wells
Fasted cries so slow that peace was nowhere near to find,
And yet I taught you nothing more than games within your mind…

©2012 CMFIII


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