Impulse [POEM]

Moments are meant for times like this,
When eyes remiss over blind eyed bliss,
When things we shouldn’t do find a time to enlist
every idea that accompanies our kiss,

Our bodies touch to agree that we might,
While our minds argue that our spirits are right,
Our fingers find crevices once impossible to excite
as our tongues tie knots in our imaginations light,

Excuses find reasons to escape in the dark,
We justify passion by pacing in parts,
Our scents intoxicate chased by the spark
Of a time such as this,
a safe place to start,

Pull me inside,
I’ve dreamed of such joy,
I’m warm and I’m willing,
A seamless enjoy,
I come with no carry,
I’ve eased into coy,
Just give me your heavy,
as things I employ,

Tonight is our given,
A moment of such,
This is no prison,
I’m free to be touch,
Just bring me unleavened,
and seize me at once
I won’t be forgiven,
If sudden I must…

©2013 CMFIII


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