I wish [POEM]

I wish I knew the words,
to the song that sets you free
to the story that releases your heart
to the poem that allows you to breathe

I know I have the courage,
to sing that song to you
where my voice can’t meet the notes
my lyrics and truth will do

I believe I have the power,
to give you all you seek
to collapse any barrier before you
to build what will become we

I imagine I have the passion
to write the story with heart
and give depth to every layer
and purpose to every part

I hope I have the time,
to give you all those things
to make every word of it action
to have us come to be

I surely have the talent
to write that poem and recite it
on a stage that you’ve selected
at a time that you’ve decided


I feel I have a reason
to want you in my life
though I might not have it all,
I have the things that make it right.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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