Next Lifetime [POEM]

I thank you

for making me wait long enough to realize that you’re not worth it

and nobody’s perfect

but you’ve made me realize that I’m so much more than settling for you that it’s almost hilarious to me remembering where I was headed towards when I wasn’t thinking

but I wasn’t thinking

I was doing, something that I shouldn’t have albeit action none the less and to suggest that I didn’t know any better is to question more than just my intentions but my intellect and it actually brings to mention my integrity and letting me get by on just that I was naive would be like comparing tattoos to scars

Now who wants a sleeve?

you wouldn’t believe that I actually wanted to create of you what I didn’t get from you by giving you what is in me for free,

yes you would,

in fact you believed

You thought that I was so intrigued that I would indeed let you be while I became and for your nothingness you’d be rewarded fame and the same energy that I expended to give you matter would be what I held onto after you certainly decided to give someone else what I had required of you for some time

some time

to consider that you were not just selfish but in addition to helpless a malfeasance of sorts because you had been elected by me to what would have been a lifetime appointment but you didn’t even have time for the moment, just lies and disappointment


These words are me waving bye like ole girl from Color Purple thinking that any and every wish that you have ill towards me will only hurt you because I don’t even see you now, I’ve worked through the emotions and feeling like I need to stay because at one time I did say that I’d never give up on you…

well that was meant for the who that I thought you were, the who that you pretended to be, the who that I imagined was the who for me, the who that brought the parts and pieces that I needed to assemble greatness, don’t worry about the time, it was you I wasted, you I chased with reckless abandon, you that stranded every option and opportunity by choosing me to handle so loosely, I offered you entry into my spiral when you were just loose-leaf, a sheet in a desperate wind, tending towards a “less than” end and the stupid part is that you are who you were when we began

A friend.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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