Awaken (Alive) [POEM]

I wonder if anyone notices
that I walked away
everything they said was right
for me
so that I’d sooner be
gave up my sanity
so that I may be ready
for the craziness
that came for me
when I spoke death
to the things that damaged me

they only see that I was gone
guessed and hypothesized
quite often criticized
as to my why’s
without ever asking me
suggestion that I took leave
was why I couldn’t breathe
choking on the smoke
of their trees
burned fruit only makes jam
to be put in a can
and that Sir,
that wasn’t me
labeled “all natural”
preservatives added
artificial flavors
and even coloring
readily available on aisle 3
next to the pornography
and the gambling
and the mediocrity
packages of hope and faith
tucked somewhere in between

they brought it
I brought into it
stupid investment
a return of “been through it”
now I know to check it out
then do it

salvation available
for good sayings,
and a powerful poem
some profound verbiage
and they all goin’
don’t know nothin’
’bout the All Knowing

or what I really look like
without the robe
they were satisfied talking
about the clothes
which don’t fit the occasion
let alone the man
but what garment is appropriate
when you’re chosen to stand
loose fitting true religion
or another brand
of even tighter pants

I think she noticed me
recognizing my wife in her
but she can’t handle my truth
let alone my life in her
so I’ll just be whatever she says
something on the side
another knife in hers

I wish she would have though
because I could have been had more
but no reason to
just brings him them bad lore
and I could deal with it
but what for

then I see her again last night
and I wanted to make things right
but of course she just left early
couldn’t see past sight

would’ve chased her but
that would have wasted what
I been working 3 years
to face her

I gave up everything
forgot almost everything
and almost remembered my past
’till a voice reminded me
that I can comeback
and this time I’ll be
capital letters
longer sentences
clear thoughts possible
through repentance’s

and great
maybe just a little bit late
but I can’t fall asleep anymore
a new generation to awake
for sake
my son’s and mine
both in the same boat

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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