Let you go [POEM]

I want to hear about and see you free,
I want to witness you experience new things,
I want to see you breathe,
leaving everything that chokes you behind and going forward to find…
an air that coats you in the new of how and thus coaxes you to plow head first into the distinct possibilities of now…
I want you to leave,
run away from the former things and maybe just for a second remember me,
right before you breathe,
right before you see things differently,
I want you to close your eyes
and be able to see,
so that you realize that nothing about who we are is typically,
but keeping your eyes closed
I want you to jump,
from memory,
and land in the spot that has long avoided your desires,
and before you open them
I want you to reach,
and feel the strength of my words, lyrically…
Then I want you to breathe, literally,
say with your existence
those things you once resisted,
and know that I may not speak of the spot you left in my life, but I’ve kissed it,
hoping to cover the fact
that I wanted you to go,
and I didn’t see it all the time,
but I’ve witnessed it,
I needed you to show me how close we were,
through distances…
And now I get it,
fresh air,
well instances,
for instance, that’s what this is.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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