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Sometimes YOU have to do it (whatever it is that YOU have to do, whatever it is that needs to be done, whatever it is that is neither right nor wrong but rather what is “best”, what is pertinently necessary) silently, in secret, and in seclusion. YOUR dream demands YOU, it requires YOU, it relies on YOU, and its “coming true” depends on YOU! There will be seasons that YOU have to spend suffering the situations and the circumstances by YOURSELF, on YOUR own. People, YOUR friends and family in particular, are going to feel alienated, ignored, discarded, distanced and disrespected by YOUR absence and attitude or what appears to be YOUR arrogance but YOU must stay on course, YOU must focus on what YOU have to do and not be distracted by the desire to satisfy the egos and expectations of everyone or anyone else. This is about YOU and in order for YOU to realize the necessary results that bring YOU the benefits and “blessings” that are afforded to those who earn them, YOU are going to have to develop a mindset and method of being able to “do YOU” by YOURSELF. It has nothing to do with the people that YOU want to be there with YOU in the end but it has everything to do with YOU being able to trust and commit from the beginning. YOU have to know YOU, YOU have to study YOU, YOU have to be able to recognize YOU and what YOU are prone to do in specific situations and at any given moment. YOU will have to discover this in YOUR process in YOUR appropriate time. It may seem like YOU are walking away from people who support(ed) YOU, people who have committed their time and energy to oblige YOU in friendship and/or fellowship, people who have sacrificed and surrendered their own resources and/or realities to YOU in order to satisfy YOU and YOUR needs but that is not the case and understand that if YOU allow YOURSELF to believe that YOU can not step out on YOUR own because YOU owe it to others to not do what must be done, YOU are going to repeat the cycles and circles that leave YOU destroying and sabotaging those very friendships and relationships time after time.
YOU have to learn to forgive, trust, believe, be happy for, have faith in, give credit to, be comfortable with, be confident in, and love, YOU. YOU depend on it. YOU will be a better YOU because of it, YOU will attract the “right” people because of it, YOU will be okay with others because YOU are okay with YOU, because of it. They may not understand “it” but they will much better understand YOU, because of it.
So do what YOU have to, because YOU have to. No one else is going to do YOU for YOU.




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