“Forgive Yourself” [POEM]

Let them go,

vindicate your tears
with vision
remember that pain
with wisdom
to the anxiety of haunting hopes
left dangling on the ropes
of regret
that mistake and maybe
cry those memories,
then erase those thoughts
that linger,
because you need to release

so let it go

find peace intently,
but realistically
that you are,
the most important thing,
the most vital entity,
the source of your energy
and anything
that restricts you
from being free
is an enemy
and if you allow,
they will supply in plenty,

You let them go

forget to remember the hurt
if it helps you to move on
go by yourself,
if it is the only way
that you can go forward
or wait
until you recognize redemption
ignore the retention
or repetition
of repeating
cycles and seasons
that fertilize the reasons
that you can’t grow beyond
the fences,
you planted
and then abandoned

something that you learned
as a lesson
from bad examples

let it go

while holding your breathe,
for revenge,
is stupid
and impossible
a self-imposed obstacle,
and you are lucid,
a truth to be proven

so prove it,
by letting go

of hopeless and hindering,
of loneliness lingering,
or anything,
that is captivity,

and be free

go to a mirror
and see
look inside of your reflection
and recognize peace,
then release
imagine your hearts desire
then dream
seize the moment
as you speak,

that you can let it all go

know that life happens
because it has to
and that doesn’t mean
that life is chasing after you

your grip on grief
and your idea
that you deserve mediocrity
because you messed up,
you just messed up
and that is going to happen,
it just does

to everyone,

so let it go

forgive yourself,
for not being there,
or being there too long,
for thinking you were right,
for being wrong,
for staying,
for being gone,
for lying,
for denying,
for taking,
for making the mistakes,
whichever one,
all of them that you made,
in the first place,
for saying what you said,
or for saying nothing,
for doing “you”,
when you could have done,
for letting years go by,
while silence festered,
and you never gestured
towards an apology
because you were hurt
and you responded
or reacted
with a reaction
that was actually
or made as such,
because it forces you
out of touch
with reality
which is actually
the truth
that it can be okay
or at least get there again


and you get to ask
for forgiveness
and to be resisted
or maybe to be listened to
because your mistake
is not as important
as them missing you
and you’ve followed
the bad advice
that came from a bad place
that you were listening to
but you’ll find it
more often than not
that people understand,
because the same thing
that got you in that trouble,
gets them too…

and they probably
don’t know what to do,
they’re just waiting
on you…

to let it go.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

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