The process…

There is a PROCESS that GOD must protect. That is why you have had to progress or be promoted in parts, that is why you can picture it but can’t quite paint it, why you can predict it but can’t quite provide it. This is why you have to produce for so long, seemingly so much so before you get to party or prosper from the products or the projections, even before you get the “proof”. This is why you feel like others can play but you have to pause. It is because you know GOD and because you know Him, He trusts you, and because he trusts you, He has entrusted you with His most important possession, His most profound property, His real treasure:
The Process!

This is not about your pain, bad people have pain, good people have pain, great people have pain, BLESSED people have pain, FAVORED people have pain! This ain’t about your poverty or your problems. This ain’t about your position or promises made to you or by you. This ain’t about your peculiar or particular ministry or your popularity. This is about the process! This is about you getting to a point where you can get the point and start pointing your life in a direction that deflects what the world has tried to say about GOD and His way away from the who/what/when/where/why of what is you personally, regardless of which way things or the world go, have gone, or are going! This is about you being able to profess and promote, in person, the pride that there is in going through and having gone through the process.

We’ve tried to make this about people and prosperity but know this, GOD don’t need prophets or profits, there is no shortage of either! There is however a shortage of understanding and peace with His process. There is a gap in between what is His message and our interpretation. There is a hole in the body that is the void that we have tried to fill with “stuff” in order to compensate or comfort ourselves away from what is our true purpose and His certain pleasure, THE PROCESS!

That’s what Jesus is. That’s what Jesus is about. That is why Jesus came. Not because of or for His expressions, but for His example, of THE PROCESS. Jesus illustrates the process. Jesus is the peace, the pain, the patience, the performance, the power, the passion, the push and the pull, the perfect portrait and portrayal, the power, yes I will keep saying that, THE POWER, I will repeat that, THE POWER… of THE PROCESS.

Because you are here, you are subject to the process, to a process. You will endure a process as the natural reaction to any spiritual awakening, awareness, or alertness. You may come into that awakening or awareness as a child but not realize the specific and required elements of that, YOUR, particular purpose in it or for it and so it may take you years, decades, to “get it”. That time in between is the process. You can stall the process, you can prolong the process, you can try to avoid the process but if you have any hope of gaining the “what is yours” that is perfectly and purposefully designed and designated for you, you are going to complete that process! As long as you take, no matter how hard you try not to or try to take it, you are going to complete that process.

I’m done preaching, you may proceed!


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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