You are okay.

Do not focus on what you “think” others have. Do not worry or concern yourselves with what appears to be the unfair balance of favor or blessing or even “luck” amongst the people that you are able to witness and observe. Do not let what “seems to be” seep into what is what is supposed to be your journey, your process, your own reality, your story. Do not give into the temptation to feel sorry or shame on or for yourself and subsequently sacrifice what is your true value, your road, your path, your process.

From the outside looking in, things always look different, or look better, or look easier, or look amazing BUT you have no idea what someone else is or is not dealing with in order to present what you think you see! You don’t have a clue what it takes them to manage what you think they always “manage” to get their hands on. So often popularity survives on perceptions. Far too often what looks so alive is either dead or dying from having to exhort obscene amounts of energy and emotion to maintain images and lifestyles that “seem” or “sound like” success. You would probably crumble under the weight of their burden being that you don’t have the strength or desire to work so hard at the “nothingness” that is often required to have some things or the “something” that you think they have.

Do you.
Do what you have to do.
Do whatever it takes for you to have whatever it takes for you to reach where you have to go, where you have to be. Focus on peace of YOUR mind. Focus on happiness and joy in YOUR home. Focus on success for YOUR situation.
Don’t let these social networks, pictures, and updates fool you. Don’t let these “bands” that you think people got, get wrapped around you. Those “bands” get tight and there are some people who look like they are “successful” that are actually suffering, most likely suffocating under the weight and pressure of having to constantly produce the image in order to try to please somebody other than themselves. You’re focused on what you think you see, they’re frustrated with who you think they are…
It is not worth it.
You’re okay where you are. You can start from here. You can start now. You can build an empire on the foundation that is you. You have what it takes. You probably have something that “they” want and would take if they could, that’s a chance to do it over, a chance to do it for themselves and not for the crowd. A chance to do it for the love and not to be doing it so “loud”.
Yes, you’re okay. And from the outside looking in, they can see that.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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