You are right…

YOU have to make this happen if you want this to happen the way that you want it to happen. Your vision requires you to visit the depths of what is possible and pertinent inside of you without assurance(s) or assumptions that someone or anyone will understand, let alone take the opportunity to undertake any task that requires them to move your progress forward. Sure there is someone that will help you, someone that wants to help you, but they are just the help, you are the reason that you will get to where you desire, are determined, and are dedicated to be. You have to get up, you have to get out, you have to go on, you have to go forward, you have to give what you have and only expect that what you give is sufficient. You don’t get to be guaranteed that anything or anyone will back you or that their backing will suffice or sustain. You are your consistency, you are your method, your habit, your tradition, your ethic, you are your character. You are your reason and your biggest excuse. You are your option just as much as you are your choice.
There is something that you want. There is something that you crave and obsess over. There is an idea or gift or talent or ability that you have, that you know, in the pit of your gut, that is necessary and valid and marketable, and meaningful, and worth fighting for. There is a feeling, a peace, a confidence, a love, a trust, a safety, a security, and a significance that you know exists and is possible and is surely attainable for you. You are not out to get what someone, anyone, else has. You want what is for you and you know that what you want is different and you can imagine and dream and fantasize the difference so easily that the thoughts are almost tangible. You know it. You know that it can happen and you know that you can make it happen.
You are right.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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