Mistakes… [POEM]

“One day”
he says
and thirty years pass
he forgets
not being able
to not be scared
to say
“I’m sorry”
for a mistake
he made
that was like other mistakes
that anyone could make
he can’t
or didn’t
see it that way
at the time
nor after
as he was running
to evade capture
by the guilt
of letting people down
and breaking someone’s heart
in a moment
of weakness
and thought
way too much
being perfect
for once

and now

so many years later
and so easily forgotten
are the reasons
he did it
in the first place
and the worst case scenario
is his reality
when actually
the people he hurt
are waiting
for him
to forgive
so that they can tell him
how much it hurt them
that he left


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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