I want you… [POEM]

I want you…

I want you
to believe me
to believe when I say
I want you
to leave me
with your heart
and start to trust
that I will lead you
feed you from afar
the things needed to be
less apart

I want you
for everything you have to offer
and no reason other
than to love you
until you feel discovered
poured down upon my shoulders
let me carry you,
the craters of doubt
and mountains of question
into an infinity pool of certainty
where you can rest,

I want you
to find purpose
in my service of others
for yourself
knowing that I can help them
with your help
and know that
I’d rather not do it all,
by myself
I need you
for myself

I want you,
and I am confident
that my want is consciousness
an intentional constant,
so that you find comfort
in my chest,
lying there or residing where
my compass rests,
guided by my heart,
let us conquer,

I want you
to tell me when
to see you again
and still be surprised
when I see you then
as if you didn’t expect
to see me again

I want you
to mend,
to be healed
to be abandoned no more
to be separate
to be set apart
to be my priority,
once more
to be loved
to be revered
to be cared about,
much more,
I want you
to soar…

I want you
to know more about me
every moment
and learn
and share
as we’re growing
and to eventually
know that all the while
you were all and exactly
what I wanted …


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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