You love me… (Especially) [POEM]

I love you,
for loving the perfect me
the one with all the cracks,
taking my breath away,
but letting me breathe
so studiously
your care and concern
tutoring me
showing me how to be a better person
while rooting for me,

I love you,
as sure as assured my secure is
but with the fragility of the truth
that my pure is
you give me strength,
I can endure this
so obscure was my proof at one time
that I thought I would lose it
and who but you saw me falling
and proved it
that I was safe all the while
of my choosing
using your heart as my resting place

I love you,
for believing,
and leaving me no choice
but to leave
to fly away
to see
that what gives me flight
are my wings
and you are there to witness
or be the wind beneath
no matter when
or where
I decide
to be…

Because, you love me.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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