Today’s -see 2/12/2014

The end comes before YOU begin;
Stop before YOU start.

Time to finish…

It is quite possible and often that we get “good” at things that are “bad” for us. We are in relationships, circumstances, careers, locations, and so on, that we master but were only meant to be mentions, footnotes in our eventual and true purpose. But we spend our time and energy and “all” on things that we allow to define and identify who we pretend to be. And we forget who we really are, and thus we are forgotten. So our stages and seasons become what we are known for instead of being known to or by us as how we ultimately measured or processed our progression. And we know it. We feel it. Those around us recognize it. But because it is so common, it is ok’d, then it is excused, so it is allowed, and it is accepted, thus it is often recommended.

It is time for YOU to stop. Sometimes YOU just have to stop. Even though the message that everyone normally gives YOU is that YOU must start new or different or right. The motivational/inspirational/affirmative dialogue is usually to the point of instructing YOU to begin, to go, to do, or to move. I think that first YOU must realize and recognize who, what, when, where, why, and how, YOU are. YOU HAVE TO STOP TO DO THAT! What’s more important than what YOU have made most important is that YOU really know what is important. Are YOU safe? Are YOU secure? Are YOU significant? Without money. Without fame. Without popularity. Are YOU at peace? Can YOU rest? Can YOU think straight? Can YOU feel? Are YOU okay? Do YOU know what YOU are doing?

And then YOU start. Be honest about where YOU are and who YOU are. People will understand that. People want that! They want “real” people. Unfortunately so many of us have been hiding beneath and behind our secrets that secrecy has become the norm, the obvious, the popular. We have succumb to routines and regimens of defeat and despair and so have become comfortable in the lack and lesser of fortunes. We adhere to and follow instructions and law that is not meant to bring out the good and true in us. These are learned behaviors, we have followed suit in these traditions. And we are taken advantage of. There is a market for our indecisiveness. There is a market for our failure. There is a market for our pain. We have lowered and lowered and lowered the bar to the point that now it is possible to do nothing and be just as, if not even more, what is perceived to be, important. Or popular. Or rich. Or “successful”.

So stop. Stop right where YOU are. Stop living or leading a double life. Stop trying so hard to keep up an impression, or appearance. Stop pretending that YOU are happy. BE HAPPY! Stop going and going to no end, in an effort to please everyone but YOU! Stop lying. Stop forcing what could be natural if YOU would just breathe. If YOU would just BE. Stop living up to low expectations. Stop buying into the idea that YOU have to be something aside or outside of who YOU are in order to be “somebody”! Stop acting like YOU are winning because YOU don’t want to be perceived as a “loser”. No. YOU ARE NOT LESS THAN! YOU are always greater than or equal to! Know that!

Know that YOU are okay. Who YOU are is who YOU are. YOU get to master that. YOU get to be great at who YOU are! No one can compete against YOU or beat YOU in that race. YOU are perfect. Every step is a step towards greatness once YOU decide that YOU are fine with the steps that are necessary to get YOU there! And YOU do not have to be or do something, or go somewhere, that is not good for YOU in order to be a success. YOU define YOUR success. YOU only fail at being YOU when YOU decide to not be YOU! Stop that. NOW.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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