I’ll say something!

I don’t really care that YOU are Muslim or Christian or a Jew or a Hebrew Israelite or a Jehovah’s Witness or an atheist, or whatever or anything else YOU may be, for that matter. We have some problems, we need some solutions. YOUR color don’t matter, YOUR “kind” does. YOUR excuses are irrelevant, we need YOUR experience(s). I don’t care what YOUR religion says about my religion in the next life, what about this life? What about tonight? What about right now? I don’t care about YOUR diet, we are dying around here! So what YOU honor the sabbath? YOU SIN! Who cares that YOU got married? YOU’RE not faithful. So what YOUR children aren’t out of wedlock? They are out of control! They think that they are better than somebody else because YOU think that YOU are better than somebody else. YOU ARE NOT! YOU are lying to them. YOU are lying to YOURSELF! YOU think that YOU are lying to me, but I see YOU! I’m the neighbor that’s lived right next to YOU and YOUR family for 25 years, I have never been in YOUR house, YOU have never been in mine. I’m the guy YOU sat next to on the bus and didn’t speak to. I’m the person YOU mentioned when YOU prayed to YOUR GOD when YOU asked Him to protect the unprotected or to care for the uncared for. Why is it so important that YOU have a title and a class and a bracket and a group? YOU idiot, YOU and I are both human. We both need oxygen, water, and sunlight to survive. We have the exact same organs and blood running through the exact same veins! We both are in search of the same vital essentials to satisfy our need for acceptance, SAFETY, SECURITY, and SIGNIFICANCE! We are far more the same than we are different but YOU have either been taught or told, or have just chosen not to realize and accept that. YOU are a hypocrite. Because YOU justify YOUR reasoning by somehow claiming “family”. We are all related. We all come from the same source. No one argues that different GODS created different people, everyone argues that their GOD created ALL PEOPLE, just that some are rebellious or ignorant to who that GOD is. Do YOU see the stupidity in that! Do YOU realize that it is possible that we may all have it wrong and that any GOD there is might just be as disappointed in our complete uselessness towards a “greater good” because of our greed and selfishness and anger. Because of our own self-imposed limitations and captivities. We have gotten away from our instincts which are and once were to care and to love and to believe and to believe in and to trust and to understand. We’ve sacrificed net value for net worth. We’ve engrossed ourselves in a gross negligence of the human condition. This planet is going to ruins because we are ruining it! We have destroyed, WE ARE DESTROYING LIVES as we “live the life”. “Business” has destroyed the business of making it our business to make a business out of the business of serving. We are so selfish. So wasteful. So ridiculous. So pretentious. So callous. So uncaring. So harsh. So unforgiving. So ignorant.

And yet YOU will go to YOUR mosque, or YOUR church, or YOUR synagogue, or YOUR chapel, or YOUR hall, or YOUR closet and YOU will play good person. YOU will worship YOUR GOD and thank Him for his continued grace and mercy on YOU and YOURS. YOU will “fellowship” with those just like YOU and together y’all will come up with the same answers to the same questions. And y’all will pray that the “us” of us who are unaware or unchosen or not like YOU will come to the light or be hidden from it. YOU will pray that He is pleased with the torment and tribulation or tragedy that YOU and YOURS have subjected onto us “outsiders” as justification and justice. And YOU will thank Him. And then YOU will go back to being YOU.

Meanwhile, there is still a hunger and a thirst for peace of mind. YOU are trying to distract YOURSELF with involvement and activity to hide the reality that YOU are hiding from reality. YOU know that YOU are not right. That empty feeling in YOUR core affirms that YOU are aware of YOUR evil. YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE WRONG!

Our government is corrupt. It is a gimmick. It is a fallacy. It is a joke. It is bought and paid for. Brought to YOU by the principles that own the principles. And it, our government, is the example, the standard that is the hard copy by which all other entities are xeroxed. So the schools and the religious institutions, and the organizations, and the business, all follow suit. All purchased. All surrendered to the highest bidder. And the people, the “us”, the “we”, the YOU and I, have bought into it. And paid a hefty price for it. Our souls. We are lifeless. We are robots, programmed to desires of a “developed nation”.

So I’ll say something. I won’t wait. I’ll be the somebody that does. It’ll start with “Hello”. It’ll start with “How are YOU”. It’ll start with “I apologize”. Or it’ll start with listening. I want to hear YOUR suggestions if YOU have those. I want to hear YOUR answers if YOU have those. I want to hear YOUR stories, YOU HAVE THOSE! I’ve sat in too many “meetings” that ended once someone begin their religious dogma. People protect their identities and unfortunately too many of us can only identify ourselves through what we believe our religions to be as opposed to our humanness, our humanity. So we shut out or shut down at the thought of any consideration outside of our own “box” of beliefs. I don’t care what YOUR religion is, hungry is hungry. Lonely is lonely. Sick is sick. Abused is abused. Murder is murder. Depression is depression. Wrong is wrong. Right is right.

But I can only speak for myself.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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