To any and all I have offended…

Sometimes because we only know how to deal with life the way we do, we are ignorant and inconsiderate to how we treat or mistreat or ignore the needs, feelings and desires of others. It leads to hurt and pain and turmoil.

I was responsible for causing you trouble, pain, and grief. I betrayed your trust. I disrespected you. I hurt you. I was selfish and manipulative.

I treated you less than you deserved to be treated. I ignored your feelings. I ran from accepting the responsibility and consequences of my actions because I was immature and insensitive.

I lied. I ran. I hid. I refused to be discovered and found out. I avoided confrontation at all cost. That was mean and inconsiderate. It was cruel. I made things much worse than they were.

I apologize for not understanding nor trying to consider your feelings. Whether it’s been recently or a very long time ago I want you to know that I know that my actions/inaction hurt you, cost you, and disappointed you beyond what I have acknowledged, and for that, I apologize.

I apologize for not living up to the responsibility that you gave me by allowing me into your life. I apologize for not respecting your personal space. I apologize for not respecting your time. I apologize for not respecting you. I apologize for betraying your trust. I can not justify my behavior with excuses nor can I ever imagine how much pain I caused you. I am sorry for that.

I take responsibility for my actions. I acknowledge that these are the facts. What I did or didn’t do destroyed the relationship, friendship, or understanding that we had. Whether it was business or personal, I assume the responsibility. I was wrong. I handled things terribly. Most things I never handled at all.

I won’t do that, or not do that, anymore. I am not asking for your forgiveness, I know that whether or not you forgive me will not change what I did nor should it affect the choice and decision that I have made to do better, to do more, and to never do certain things again. I am still in the process of realizing the magnitude of the pain and devastation I caused. I have to deal with it now. I am dealing with it now.


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