Rest in Peace, Dr. Maya Angelou

If you were ever able to be in the same room as Maya Angelou, then you’d know what I mean when I say this…

There is a presence that has left this room of the living. When that angel entered the room, you knew. You felt it. Even before she opened her lips, even to whisper. Before she cracked a smile. Before those eyes creased to acknowledge the joy that was in her for the love of inspiring and inviting others. Before she spoke any word.

Her energy filled every crack and crevice of the space. You heard her history before you heard her hymn or her heart song. You heard it in her silence. It was loud in her softest movement. She embodied grace and elegance. She carefully reflected strength and beauty. Her regality and tone put to bed the question of who or why or where. She was a now presence. She was a visible example of power.

She was knowledge beyond knowing, and yet still curious. She was thirsty for the answer but yet filled to a brim with so many of them. She was profound and deliberate and so innocently passionate. She was gentle but sturdy. She was phenomenal. A PHENOMENAL WOMAN indeed.

Today is a sad day. Sure we can speak of the joy for her transitioning because she is now beyond pain or hurt or worry, but Maya Angelou has died. The caged bird is a different kind of free. And we should be a little sad about that. We get to be a little sad about that. I’m definitely a little sad about it.

Maya Angelou was one of our most gifted treasures. She was a spokesman for and to, us. She was our Big Momma and our big sister and our bride and our best friend. Then she was our corrector, our consoler, our comforter. She was our nurturer, she was our guide. She was our shining light. She was our bright star.

She was our nurse. And yes, she was our Doctor.

What an amazing life to have been lived.

Rest in Peace, Madame, Queen, Dr. Maya Angelou…

From us all.




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