Their ulterior motives…

If we leave it up to “them”, they’d blur every line. They find great joy in creating such a controversy with every issue. It serves them well to force such a debate and argument over things that should not even have to be deliberated. There is no conspiracy or conflict needing to be resolved. It is unfortunate that some people are so unhappy with realities but instead of dealing with such have to aggravate and agitate the healthy flow and circulation- of what is indeed natural and pure- with mess and what is destructive, for the sake of impulse or dangerously selfish gratification.

Not every rule or law or order has to be challenged! There are some things that you can not change. You can mask them, you can disguise them, you can severely alter them, but you can not change what it is. That must be accepted. We must not allow every fathomable idea or institution to be demolished by the cruel intentions and alternative schemes of an evil agenda that has no desire to see the success of life to prevail. This aim is death, this aim is an end, a premature end to a better designed and wonderful plan that is vibrant and beautiful in its proliferation. But these ugly henchman of this evil plot will stop at nothing to attempt corruption and convolution in their objective to dilute and destroy these good things, this good thing.

And so we must fight these ideas and thoughts by standing up to them. We must not surrender our greatest treasures and gifts to a sick and sordid collective of treacherously deviant imaginations. We must dream bigger and do more to protect ourselves, to protect our best interest, to protect the sanctity of our hearts and minds. We must protect the hearts and minds of our children and our loved ones, especially the innocent as well as the ignorant amongst them. Those who stumble into the clutching grasps of popularity and average, whisked off into the ballads of comfort by the music of compliance. Those whom hear the noise of suppression as an obedient sound by which a dance of mediocrity, melodic and tuned to disaster, is in rhythm and step to an almost perpetual beat.

We must disrupt and desert the dialogue of these delusions. We must face the accusers against our faith. We must strong arm the offensive perpetrator that seeks to demand our attention be geared to foolishness and outlandish conjuncture. We must not ignore where we can impede, yet we mustn’t involve where we can ignore.

Because that is the plot of the “them” that “they” subscribe to. And they are fully participated in seeing it through…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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