I like you, plain… [POEM]

I like you plain

Without every detail
no explanation needed
You’re here in my presence,
you’ve succeeded

I don’t care about your past
you’re human just like me
we’ve both made mistakes
we can call it history

No need to defend your attitude
I know how to calm it down
I’ll let you be yourself
I know you’ll come around

I like you plain

The way you laugh
The way you cry
The way you react to my antics
The way you try

Make up sex with familiar moves
No need to act like you haven’t
I already know that you do,
and I’m cool

My baby used to be his baby,
she my baby now
don’t bother me a bit,
she my baby now

Let out your insecurities
pick up your low self-esteem
give me a chance to acknowledge you
and I won’t ever let you leave

Because I like you plain

Whichever way you feel comfortable
is up to you
I want it,
I want to,
I want you…


Whether you want a penthouse
or a picnic,
I’m getting it
Low-rise jeans
or high rise means,
we can fit in it
Cocoa butter or Mac
you’ll get no flack from me
nose in the air pretty
or “hand me my Vaseline” ready
you are all right with me

I like you plain

T-shirts and sweats
don’t forget the sneakers
court side or in the box,
but you don’t forget the bleachers,
So when the time comes for success
you let failure teach us
how to appreciate the features
and still remain the same…

Because you like it plain

No gimmicks or getting over,
we’re getting older
no time to improvise real love
we’re getting bolder
So we can face ourselves
In the spirit
bringing forth the gifts of being,

beautifully stated,
I wanted plain
so I waited…

Made it through trends and fad
hot, cold, nice, and bad
things I thought I’d never do
and words I would never use
Her’s, She’s, the one’s,
and the “I don’t know why’s”,
All to get to you…

To put it plainly,
You remain a constant variable
a certain and consistent love
whether I’m missing
or maturing to marry you
while you decide if I’m worth it,
all the mess you’ve tarried through…

The reasons, The seasons
the things that I believe in
dumbed-down or genius
my appearances, then leaving
vanishing acts, my steady
the eagerness, the not-so ready

that levy that broke
and flooded into your city
you took me in
you took pity
yet not enough to enable
so you stabled me
taught me the manners of love,
tabled me

Old-fashioned way,
and change…

I like you, plain.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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