Note to YOUR self…


If you remain silent, people who want you to remain silent will always agree with you.
If you speak up, speak out, and speak on the issues that YOU have the AUTHORITY, EXPERIENCE, and POWER to speak about, people who need to hear those things will agree with you.
Either way someone will be happy, someone won’t.

But neither of their opinions matter if YOU aren’t doing what YOU FEEL, KNOW, and NEED to do. It won’t matter that you’re gone, if you didn’t matter while you were here. And even if you are “here”, there is no victory in being invisible for the sake of being invisible. Not when YOUR presence is needed, not when YOUR voice is necessary.

You’ve waited long enough. It is time for YOU to SAY SOMETHING! It is YOUR turn to SPEAK!

YOUR name has been called…

Don’t you agree?

Expecting you,

©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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