She fell in love, with words… [POEM]

She fell in love with words
words never meant for her
words that he spoke in general
words never meant to infer

She heard him say fidelity
as he spoke of a commitment
she got lost in his translation
I wish she would have listened

She drew of a conclusion
that was never soon to be
she thought she heard her man
she thought that man was he

He was only speaking theory
and had never thought it more
she heard him tell a story
she yearned him tell her more

Just as she had prayed
just as had been promised
but she had only seen his pretty
she ignored that he was honest

She fell in love with words
head over heels in fact
she gave his words a color
and she painted him with that

A blue to mask her sadness
A red to mask her pain
A green to give her value
A brown to keep her plain

A yellow that was bright
A pink that made her feel
A white that gave her balance
A black that made her real

And soon there was a picture
inside of her museum,
she invited all to see it,
as she praised the artist, him

Counted herself as his muse
imagined what he felt
she constructed such an image
did it all and by herself

But he was none the wiser
not a clue what she had done
she was only for the moment,
He was only having fun

And there were other ones,
just like her in fact
that were as important to him,
and surely had his back

But never was he distracted
he seemed always there, sure
alone had been her sickness
she discovered him as cure

She fought to keep him present
made amends and compromise
she made need out of desire
she made love out of lies

And if it wasn’t for his words,
then maybe she would see
that maybe she was wanted,
by a different man, like me.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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