We Still Niggers…

we still niggers
to those that won’t ever see us
no other way
but as descendants
of their heroes slaves

we still niggers
and our freedom’s won’t see light
of better days
just litigated terms
and slogan for campaign

we still niggers
that’ll never be
anything but
and forever nothing to them,
no matter what

we still niggers
sound and symbiotic suffer
living up to the low they expect
surrendering proper,
as their God says we must

we still niggers
not worth the acknowledgment
of our astonishment
being the market and the product
with no actual accomplishment

we still niggers
that accepted being nigger
spelled and pronounced different
like there was really difference,
no nigger, there isn’t.

we still niggers
because founding and forefathers
that in order for them to be,
we couldn’t

we still niggers
that keep looking
for somewhere else to be
some place other than this
and we shouldn’t.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers

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