Are you hurting what helps by helping what hurts?

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Are you hurting what helps?

What is going to help YOU? Is it a new car, a car? Is it a job, a different job, a different position at your job, or a promotion from a job into a career? Is it a place to stay, a different place to stay, or maybe a new place to stay? Are people hurting you? Is it the wrong people, difficult people, “family” people, too many people, not enough people, or people that should have been gone a long time ago?

Or could “something else” be the thing that is hurting you?

The options and excuses are endless. The possibilities enumerate into infinity. The pitfalls and pains that seem to compliment our journeys along the way to destiny are countless and compounding to say the least. Then there is the spontaneous and random tragedy, trial, or trouble that makes its way into interrupting our lives. Add to that, circumstance and situation, history, traditions, generational/familial curses and dilemma, plus life. “Life” itself is adequate enough sometimes to parade upon us peril and pause.

But then there is you. At the core of any identifying factor that is plausible in retaining accountability or responsibility is the method by which ANY thing is handled. Your “method” is always contingent upon specific factors: YOUR PERCEPTION, YOUR ACCEPTANCE, YOUR RESISTANCE, YOUR IGNORANCE/COMPREHENSION, YOUR ABILITY or lack thereof to MANAGE,.. etc.

Certain situations (if not most) could possibly work towards a better outcome but don’t because we approach them contrary to the requirements needed to effectively handle them. We bring emotion into situations that demand rational attention. We bring our past into situations or relationships that are based on the future (potential, possibility). We use historic (outdated) mind sets and methods to handle issues that require current (new) approaches and practical resolution. We hold hostage our faith and hope in exchange for the pessimistic reality that is the spirit of obstruction and difficulty. Drama is sensational and some of us gravitate towards the bright light of being noticed as opposed to the safety of being recognized. A lot of this, we do to ourselves. We could blame and attribute the issues to someone or something else BUT the FACT and TRUTH is this, YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

So are YOU hurting what helps? Are you in the way via an appetite for running high speed on the “gerbil wheel” of routine and habit? Have you blocked off roads to SAFETY, SECURITY, and SIGNIFICANCE because YOU are systematically accustomed and prone to accident because of a fatalistic attitude or regard for life? Do you “prevent” good things from happening because you are so worried about what “bad” things could? Are you being “hated on” most by the one person that should love YOU more than anything? Probably so, YOU are “hating on” YOURSELF!

It is time for that to stop.




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