Streets [POEM]

And no none was there when it happened
but the evil that circumstance captured
and all that could say to the statue
was too soon a memory left captioned

Their guns are no match for their lack
and so easily hunger they pack
they watch from their terrace of terror
for a victim to unknowingly snatch

A vitriol feeling towards merry
does instead give its way into fear
but as none can attest,
they are robbed of the nest,
and this violence is the lullaby cheer

They song and chant dance in the moment
as grass burns high to their treat
they swallow of potion forth yawning
while poisons and perish they eat

Who cry now reasons to save them
no prisoner calls back to be slain
for this a trap of such choosing
and nothing want more of the same

Their leather and trappings forewarned,
their leaders give reason to break
for this is their season to choice
and winter so soon is no make

But babies left standing in spring
are the spoils to a summer to come
the horns cry out to the coming,
run baby, run baby,
yes run.

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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