Of course… (A parent’s love) [POEM]

And the child said to the parent
Will I ever have a chance?
And the parent so responded
With every hope I pray you can.

And the parent did continue
I will give all that I have.
And the child assured responded
Then these questions must I ask.

Could you give me every secret
that I may know your truth
and with it give me understanding
that I may know its use…

Shall you lead me with examples
show me ways through exercise,
Can you expose me to your faults
that I might know your cries…

Will you explain as you have erred
without pride expose your be,
Can you instead of hiding life
open up its doors for me..

And since surely I will fail you
in time of certain youth,
Can you treat me as you once were
giving testimony as proof…

And the parent so prepared,
knowing sure this day would come
gave quickly these responses
of his heart where it was from…

My child I’ve known your questions
and the answers I have searched,
Most of them were surely pondered
long before your birth…

As it hurt to have any secret,
and it’s darkness that such held,
I’ve made promise to release you
from any prison of my dwell

And so exposed are there my action
living proof of what to come,
and rest assured that I have weakness,
many tears have made me strong…

I have done and I have seen,
a road thus traveled had its be,
but I give to you my life exposed,
may be whatever, but it was me…

And there is nothing you can do
that can ever take away,
the joy that fills me from being your parent,
and such enjoying every day…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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