Do you believe it?

You are not always going to get your way but you might get your turn.

Not everyone makes it. Not everyone succeeds or excels or gets the opportunity to acquire and celebrate in the manifestation of sustained success. Not everyone gets “the girl” or “the guy” or “the part” or “that” car, house, job, opportunity, or even the chance, to experience what is most often touted as the “good life” or the “finer things”. Not everyone acquires fame or fortune or popularity to an extent or status of celebrity or stardom beyond an audience of immediate surroundings. Some people don’t even get that noticed. Some people live their entire lives in obscurity and in the isolation of not ever being or becoming what they set out to be or do or what it was said that they could have, according and due to potential or talent or inherent skill, been or done.

But you have a chance…

You might get your turn! What some people don’t ever get to realize is that opportunity has never held true to form. Opportunity has always been the most mysterious and unknown of all the worlds fortunes. Opportunity is a treasure but one whose value rest only in the receiver of such its gift. A platform for a shy introvert may scare off and away any good intentions or chance of seeing that person revel in the bask of audience while that very platform, given to an ambitious extrovert, may just be the catalyst to breaking through and busting apart into a new level and stage of power! That very same platform, that same opportunity, so different, so very different, in each case. And thus is what opportunity shall be for all whom seek to thirst after the inevitable discovery of life’s most lucrative cache.

You may not recognize YOUR time but YOU must respond in time when that time presents.

There is an adage, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”. You must stay ready! You must be prepared, not for the planned and expected but for the random and spontaneous. FOR THE OPPORTUNITY! You must be willing to recognize and respect “the moment”, whatever that moment may be. You must be willing to take a “shot”, deliberately, metaphorically, proverbially, and literally. You must surrender to the stake of chance that is opportunity. There are no guarantees that what is available “for you” will always wait or accommodate you. The truth is that something must be done and if you are not going to do it, someone else will. Maybe not as you would have, greater or as well, but who’ll know if you never did?

Whichever is the appropriate and necessary step or leap for you to challenge the mundane or mediocre routines of your existence. Step outside of the box. Break the chains. Come out of the hole. Walk away from the past. Do whatever it takes to get you to the point where you point at yourself and are able to say that that person is responsible for what happens to you and that that person is willing to have a go at it.

You are great. Your are worthy. You are wanted. You are necessary. It’s your turn!


Do you believe it?


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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