Today’s -see 1/13/2014

YOUR real challenge is not choosing which path to take that is a sure fire route or means to YOUR ultimate goal or success; The truth is that most roads will eventually lead YOU to where YOU are set and determined to go, the journey depends on how YOU manage and mediate the processes, circumstances, and situations that are certain to present themselves. There are not really many roads “less-traveled” as much as there are roads that require “less travel”. YOUR way is YOUR way and YOU have to decide which way that is, why YOU want that one, when YOU are ready to go it, how YOU will do it, and where to start.
It is not always a judgement call towards left or right, right or wrong, but rather what is best for YOU, that YOU can live with, that YOU can handle, and that YOU are prepared to acknowledge and accept as the way that YOU have chosen.
That is YOUR fate, that is YOUR destiny, that is YOUR story and YOU and YOUR actions will determine how it unfolds and how (and when) it will be told!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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