Todays -see 1/16/2014

It may happen in due time;
But YOU must “do” time.

Recall some of these phrases that have to do with “time”?

You’ll get YOUR time. YOUR time is coming. It’s not YOUR time. “Timing” is everything. Time is everything. When it’s YOUR time. Take YOUR time. It takes time. Everyone gets their time. All YOU have is time. Time waits for no one.

And so on, and so on, and on…

I remember some quote that said something to the effect of everyone having the same amount of time, the difference being how we individually maximize or manage said time and our preparedness or readiness for the moment when “our” time comes. The quote was either from or in reference to some great or famous person and it’s attempt and aim was to give the impression or thought that though our situations and scenarios differ in a spectacular manner, we all have the same amount of time in which to do something, or “that” thing, or our thing, or whatever the thing is that separates, establishes, recognizes, or exemplifies us in a way that ensures our own “time” or moment or specific time that identifies and defines us in a way that guarantees our individual greatness, or success. Because “success”, or “greatness” and such these phenomenon constitute a sense and satisfaction of having been products of well-managed and utilized time. Wealth, Prosperity, Respect, Nobility, Notoriety, Success, Fame, Fortune, and other like characteristics are thought of and considered to be products and by-products of time well spent servicing the obligations of having had gone the way of spending the proper time doing the proper thing to eventually receive the proper result. Because YOU had put in the time, the common theory is that YOUR time is certainly earned and eventual in the greater scheme and notion of it all, “it” being life, “all” being whatever has come of YOURS.

YOU… and “YOUR” time…

And we all are well aware and presently conscious of what time is and means toward our destiny. We are familiar with, or understand somewhat, the context of time as it relates to our processes. Whether it be time management, or time utilization, the concept is made well known and quite obvious as we expend our energies and ambitions toward the idea of spending time doing what we have to, as we have to, when we have to.

So, is this YOUR time?

It is a matter of perspective, time, or rather what the success of what a particular time has produced, is. From an outsiders perspective, YOUR “wasted” time was sure to have been otherwise maximized had YOU spent it doing something more appropriate for or toward YOUR desires or dreams or hopes, or wants, or wishes. That same time, for YOU, in YOUR mind or from YOUR view, may have been time spent developing or designing YOUR plan or maybe even time YOU needed to “break” in order to realize the efficiency or ineffectiveness of YOUR own doing, in that time. And conversely, where YOU may believe that YOU are wasting or losing time, one could very well assert that what is taking place outside or around YOU, or in the background, is the development and design, by a higher power (if YOU honor that sense of belief) or the power of others on YOUR behalf that is working out or on things for YOU. Time is the true currency of the universe and it’s value represents something different to each and every entity assigned its worth. And due to the nature of our being, each being in its own right afforded the privilege of choice and preference, time is subjective and specific to the nature of that being. Like money means and does what it means and does for YOU, it represents and reflects a completely different offer to the next person. But money, like time, can, is, and should be used effectively for the benefit of ensuring a specific objective. I believe that objective to be life, productive and positive, toward the goals and guarantees of safety, security, and significance. But YOU have YOUR own objectives and YOU, just as YOU earn YOUR money, earn YOUR time. What YOU do with YOUR “earnings” is based on YOUR wants and needs, situations and circumstances.

Do YOU have time?

Time is of the essence. We have all heard that. We know what that means. We get it. We recognize that time is important. Where we differ is where we defer to our own state of place and position relevant to who and where we are at a certain point in time. In our youth, time seems eternal and fluid and abundant. In our ages of experience and wisdom time becomes a cherished valued commodity, a resource, abundant yet fleeting. In both cases we notate that “time waits for no man” but we see that impatience differently. In our youth, we tend that time is on our side and we are just to invest in the risk and gamble of whatever and whichever avail is to our liking, as we age we suggest that we are best on the side of time and more to discover returns and value in the caution and safety of being practical and conscious of our time. At youth we are momentous, at old we are but moments, reflective, in reverence, and respecters of what time has inevitably taught us.

What this all means…

YOU have time. The quote that I referenced earlier reads,
“We all have the same 24 hours”. I googled it to see who had said it and a list of people having been attributed with iterating these words popped up. I don’t remember who it was I first heard it from but I remember it being in reference to a successful businessman and how they had just chosen to maximize their own individual time to organize and be disciplined towards the goal and desire of their plan. It was a great idea and concept and I remembered that part of it. I guess the person really doesn’t matter, what matters is the theory, the truth of the belief.

Where YOU are right now at this time is okay. It is a good place. No one has the ability or power to go back to any point before right now. We all have the same present and that very same present is subjected and open to the spontaneous, the random, the unexpected, and the possible. There are definitely consequences and ramifications to the past and to whatever reality of YOUR past there is or has been that may play a significant role in having limited YOUR opportunities or abilities in a certain capacity but YOU just have to accept and acknowledge that YOU must make adjustments!

So YOU didn’t do what YOU could have with the time that YOU once had. So YOU wasted time. So YOU took for granted that YOU had more time “back then” than YOU thought and now certain opportunities or chances or relationships or of the like have withered or went away. So YOU didn’t know “what time it was” and instead of capitalizing on things, YOU squandered and made amok of them, only to find YOURSELF in the wildernesses of remorse or regret, because YOU, for whatever reason, refused to comply with what “that” time could have been.

So, in due time YOU must “do” time…

Action says it all. What is said about YOU and YOUR time, what can be said of YOU and YOUR time, what YOU may feel about YOU and YOUR time matters not if YOU are not doing at this time. I believe that it was all “dues” if YOU are willing to pay YOUR “do’s” right now! The reality is that the most important element and information about YOU is YOU. So, sure YOUR past matters and history is certain to have record of what YOU didn’t or could’ve, or should’ve, or would’ve done. Of course there was a time that YOU could have done or been different. But right now is the most important time of YOUR life and what happens right now can serve well in changing the course and caveat of how YOU spend YOUR time from now on. That is what is most grand about life, about YOUR time, the fact that at any given point, time can change it all.

So, take YOUR time. “TAKE”-YOUR-TIME. Because it is time for YOU. And YOU have time for that!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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