Today’s -see 1/17/2014

YOU are not that good;
That’s not that bad.

Way too many people claim to have “haters”. Far too many people have escaped the prison of their own limitations and stumbled or stumped freely into the world of opportunity and access. Some of them have tenaciously sought that freedom despite what may have been a sure truth that they had no right to be wherever they ended up but for the fact that they fought for it or were given that chance, or opportunity by default, due to nepotism, or network, or even naivety. But they are there, smack dab in the middle of it, on the stage, in front of the crowd, and putting on a show!

This might be YOU…

Do YOU feel like YOU are different? Is YOUR gift or talent just awesomely unique and special or set-apart? Are YOU one of the radicals, the peculiar, the gifted, the chosen? Do YOU just know that YOU have what it takes? Can YOU feel it? No, like for real, Michael Jackson song type… Can YOU feel it, Can YOU feel it, Can YOU feeeeel it!!!

Doesn’t mean a thing.

At the end of the day it matters not that YOU have what it takes. Not if YOU don’t take a chance. Doesn’t matter if YOU are the most talented or the best looking or the most deserved or the one that everyone “expected” to make it. 9 times out of 10 if YOU don’t apply, YOU won’t be approved. If YOU don’t step up, or step out, YOU will be stepped on, or stepped over. YOU have to force it. YOU have to put forth the effort and the energy and the experience. And the expenses. YOU have to pay the prices, the costs, and the dues (and the “do’s”).

And that is just the start.

YOU will have to multi-task and multi-finish! YOU will have to follow-up and follow-through. YOU have to dream, then DO! YOU will have to suffer the sacrifices that come with wanting success. YOU will be doubted and deterred. YOU will be paused and pushed aside. YOU will be distracted and dis-believed. And we are just talking about how the people around YOU are going to do YOU! YOU haven’t left the house yet. No one is going to believe YOU. Because YOU are not the first idealist, dreamer, hoper, writer, singer, dancer, baller, thinker, worker, or talented person that has tried. YOU might not even be the best that YOU know because YOU have aspired to be like somebody and YOU, from what other people think, don’t have “that”! And YOU still have to live and take care of things and people, people that depend on YOU beyond YOUR dream or YOUR ideas or YOUR plan. People that need YOU now and now YOU ain’t who or where YOU think YOU will be.

But what if…

What if it is YOUR turn? Somebody has to do it. Someone has to take the stage. There is a spotlight, someone needs to be in it. They have an entire industry built to service products or ideas or talent such as YOURS, someone has to fill those spots. Or there is nothing like YOU or what YOU have or what YOU do out there, someone needs to introduce it! There is a market for a “YOU”, and someone will find a way to be what YOU are or what YOU have or could have been.

But “YOU” are what is needed…

The audacity of some people to think that others are “hating” on them. What could they possibly have or be doing to receive “hate”? They’re not even good. They’re not even YOU. They are impostors! They are by default destined for greatness because YOU didn’t do what YOU could have in order to have set the standard or raise the bar. They “made it” because YOU won’t make up YOUR mind on whether or not YOU are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make it. YOU see what they are doing and YOU know that what they are “getting away with” is nothing, easy, to YOU!

But who is going to know? Right now, YOU are just one of their “haters”. YOU are just in the audience, YOU are just the market, the market that could have been for YOU, had YOU done something. Like YOU. Yea, YOU should have done something like that, YOU! And then they’d be the ones “hating”. Because there will always be those, no matter what YOU do, or who does it, whatever it is.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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