Today’s -see 1/28/2014

It is definitely worth a try. It is worth it.YOU are it.

Give YOU a try.

There is someone that is going to appreciate and find reason to celebrate YOU no matter where or who YOU are. That is just the truth. No matter what YOUR position or profession, there is someone who needs YOU to be that very thing. There are crowds of adoring support and parades of roaring agreement no matter what it is YOU have decided to do or be. It is natural and quite ordinary to find comfort and “fit” in places and around people that compliment or conveniently accommodate YOUR choices and decisions, whatever they are. Whether YOU are being less than or greater than whatever it is YOU could or are aspired to be, there will be room for YOU. Mediocrity or magnificence, whatever the case or costume, people, and YOU, YOURSELF, will have and find a reason for YOU to be right where YOU are. And that is life, success and failure both have their own set of supporters. Because “perspective” is the true matter of justification in life. People need YOU according to their needs, and YOU are no different than people, YOU have needs and when those needs are being met and satisfied, YOU will definitely find reason to be okay with it, from a matter of perspective of course.

But is that YOU?…

Life happens. Things happen. Time passes. Before YOU know it, dreams and hopes and wishes become deadlines, due dates, and desperate measures. Where YOU once optimistically aspired to venture out and try and pursue, YOU may now find YOURSELF in a whirlwind of “reality” and obligation, and responsibility. YOU have created lanes for YOURSELF or YOU have created conditions that only open up certain lanes to YOU. So those “when I grow up, I want to be” dreams become “doing what I have to do to get what I can” situations. And more life happens. And more things happen. And more time passes. And then lost in the translation and transition of that time are the long ago hopes and desires of the heart. And YOU suffer for that. The people around YOU suffer for that. And that suffering gives way to remorse and regret. That gives way to doubt and depression. That gives way to anger and fear. And so on. And what was once possible is not even an option at some point. And these dynamics are the culprits that design the mess and mediocrity that we pass on to our children and as lessons in our community. This is what they learn because this is what we have taught them.

But it’s not too late…

Have YOU ever given “YOU” a try? Think about that question. Think about that question for real. Consider that wherever YOU are at the moment is only a reflection of what YOU feel, what YOU desire, what YOU “think” about YOURSELF, and how YOU interpret these perceptions. Whatever YOUR level of status or position is, YOU are a product of the atmosphere and environment that YOU subject and surrender YOURSELF to. And this becomes a cycle, a cycle that pedals YOU into YOUR eventual legacy. Not just what YOU know, but what YOU are ultimately known, or remembered, for.

Are YOU okay with who that “YOU” is?…

The truth is that people are going to be happy no matter who YOU are. Someone is going to be impressed or satisfied with whatever YOU are doing and the fact is that no matter what YOUR situation is, someone has it worse. We often use that philosophy to justify our own mediocrity or to explain or excuse our laziness. We will begin to assert that we are “needed” and we don’t want to disappoint or let down or mess up what someone else expects of us. Many of us make lives and lifestyles out of this thinking. And from the outside, it looks good, real good, on some people.

But YOU know the truth…

YOU know what YOUR dream was. YOU know what YOUR dream is! YOU know what YOU have always wanted to do. YOU know where YOUR heart is. YOU know what YOU believe YOU are capable of. YOU know what YOU really want. YOU know what YOU really want to do. YOU know how YOU really feel. It’s YOU that can’t sleep well. It’s YOU that is not eating right. It is YOU that is out of shape or sync. It is YOU that feels the way YOU do. It’s YOU that has to deal with it. And it trickles down. YOU are passing this on. YOU are passing this around. This is how people see YOU. This is how YOU see YOURSELF.

As a child YOU had a dream. Let’s just say that that dream was to be a professional athlete. And YOU were talented. YOU had promise. YOU had potential. And YOU may have been on the track to doing that. And maybe life just happened. Or YOU fell victim to unfortunate circumstances. Or maybe YOU lost out because YOU didn’t have the resources or support that was necessary to open up doors and grant YOU further opportunities. Or maybe YOU doubted YOURSELF. Or maybe YOU let others doubt YOU down and YOU gave up. And life happened. And things happened. And time passed. And now YOU are long past the age of being a professional athlete.

Well, now YOU make an adjustment.

There is a “YOU” in a little kid that has all the potential and the power that YOU once had. The best YOU can do today is to give that kid the information that they need to get where they want to be and YOU can do that. As well as whatever YOUR next dream was. Because it’s not too late for all of the dreams that YOU had. So YOU can’t play the game, well be a coach, be a trainer, be a consultant, be an investor, be an owner! Be an avid supporter. Be a part of the team.

Or whatever YOU want to be…

It is not too late for YOU! YOUR worse fear should be continuing to settle for a mediocre YOU! At least try. Give it a shot. Give YOU a shot. Take a leap of faith. Take a STAND! Take YOUR place in the race that YOU have always wanted to run and know that if YOU run strong, YOU will finish strong. And don’t worry about what “place” YOU get because in the race to be “YOU”, YOU have an advantage. YOU have the edge. YOU are the best at that.

And YOU will win!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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