Today’s -see 1/29/2014

There is such a thing as anything that does something towards getting YOU everything that YOU need in order to be or do whatever thing or things necessary for YOU to have the one thing that YOU are after.

That “thing” that YOU are.

Something happened to YOU. Or something didn’t happen for YOU. Something got in YOUR way. YOU let something stop YOU. YOU were waiting on/for something. Something was supposed to produce something for YOU that would/could/should have made all the difference in the world.

Something in YOU…

Time is unchanging. The way we measure it changes. What we call it changes. How we use or utilize it is ever-changing. But time does not change. So in respect to the fact that we all have possession of the exact same amount of time in any given present that we are alive, the fact is that there is no difference in time to us. So, time is not the thing.

Information is available. There is so much information available. Information, but for the fact that time is the bookend to all existence, would be the most abundant resource available. The information that YOU need definitely exists. With the Internet as it is currently, access to information is more readily and tangibly possible. YOU can get the information. So, information is not the thing.

Money. The way the world works. The means. The sum of the equation that is [time + information =]. The resource that gets most jobs done. The intrinsic value of our “value” system. As the Wu-Tang Clan so notably put it, The C.R.E.A.M, Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Yes, the money! Well, truth is that there is a lot of money out there. And there are millions of ways to get it. There are hustles and careers alike. At the same time, money is just paper or metal. Sometimes it’s just digits on paper or on a screen or in a system. It doesn’t really exist. It’s value is determined according to our perception and/or respect of it. The truth is that the same thing that might cost YOU a billion dollars to get, can be just as well given to YOU for free. So, the fact is, money is not the thing.

Neither is location. Nor status. Nor popularity. Nor situation. Nor condition. Nor disability. Nor hinderance. Nor limitation. Nor relationship. Nor assumption. Nor perception. Nor job. Nor title. Nor network. Nor group. Nor party. Nor government. Nor idea. Nor success. Nor failure.

None of these, or no other thing, are the “thing” that… YOU ARE!

YOU make the difference! YOU are the difference. Those other “things” matter not but for whatever they matter to YOU! And the real thing is, those “things” are NOTHING, mean nothing, say nothing, matter not, without YOU! YOU give these things value. They are all figments and fragments, made real and possible by virtue of YOUR perception. YOU are the thing that makes them the anything that they ever achieve. As an example, time being the sample thing, what time means to one other person is not what time means to YOU. YOU see time differently. YOU use and utilize YOUR time differently. Time by itself would stand still if not given life by motion and movement. YOUR motion and YOUR movement are what define time. Time does not define YOU. Over time YOU will begin, become, and be, but time does not determine that, YOU DO! Because YOU exist is why time is relevant. Without YOU, time does not matter. And the same applies to any one of those other “things”. Money, Information, Relationships, Friendships, Professions, Networks, Governments, and so on. YOU don’t matter because of those things, they matter because of YOU!

YOU as the thing that YOUR thing is…

The difference between what two people have, given that they are in possession of the very same thing, is what they individually, of their own volition, do with it. Ultimately who they are with it. In the end, who they are. So the equation would be a set of factors, factored in, matter-of-factly, as a matter of facts, equalling what matters based on what those things matter, to YOU. YOU being the variable. YOU being the thing that makes those things make whatever sense, or cents, or “since”, that they do. For what I mean by “since”, YOU were _______ until YOU got _______ and ever since, YOU have been _______. So “since” represents what YOU are as a result of. “Cents” represent what YOU have as a result of. “Sense” represents what YOU think/feel as a result of. But the result is YOU. More importantly, the reason was YOU!

Do YOUR thing…

So, YOU have a want, an idea, a plan, a need. YOU have a power, a talent, a gift, a service. YOU have a dream, a goal, a purpose, a potential. And so much more. YOU also have a past, some problems, some issues, some trouble. YOU have some obstacles, YOU have some trials, YOU have some things YOU have to figure out. YOU have some mountains to climb, some forgiveness to seek, some relationships to try to rebuild. And YOU have to make something happen. Like right now. And YOU could rattle off a list and litany of things that could help YOU achieve this progress. More time, more money, more information, more help, more access, more yadayadayadayada…

All YOU really need is more YOU. YOU are the best thing that YOU have going for YOURSELF. YOU are going to make it happen with YOU. If someone helps, they will help because of YOU. If something happens, it will happen because of YOU. YOU are the start and the finish of everything that has to do with YOU. And today is YOURS!

And that is the most important thing, that YOU have today, and YOU can use the one thing that YOU do know that YOU have, YOU, to start or continue to do the thing or things that will eventually or continue to get YOU where YOU want or are going to be. And that’s the thing that matters!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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