Hustle… [POEM]

have to make it
because a few people won’t let me fail
won’t let me tell myself no
tell myself GO
face adversity with a fervor
looks like success
up even when down
going to deserve my benefit
because I invested everything I had
until I was empty,
watch God replenish it
starts within
won’t rest until I finish it
faced with the reality
this is what I wanted,
Isn’t it?
fear in limited supply
courage edition limited
one of the chosen
with audacity of the abandoned
proud to face my battles
pride stranded
wrestling angels
in the spirit of Jacob,
blessings demanded
might as well go for it,
still standing
no time to stop
just watch…
handed gems and little treasures
from pirates aboard measure
rest assured
pain will be overtaken,
by pleasure
no pressure
not just for me
or for my destiny
or for anything other than belief,
but forever.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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