Love, finally… [POEM]

Someone wants a love
that wants them
that flaunts them
without secret
and yet private
but wild yet
with no inhibition
willing to listen
that mentions how much
it can’t be without
someone wants a love so sure
and with no doubt
a love that escapes fear
and foolish mistakes
a love that takes,
a love willing to dance
to old songs
but with new moves
and romance
a love that stands outside
and waits
or cries
just to get your attention
enough to shift your sadness
to gladness
for enough of a while
to be the ever after
that captures the smile
that precedes the laughter
that seems to just blurt out
than it did before
when it wasn’t love
but instead
to be released
from being free
because someone wants
to be captured
by love


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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