Rescued… (for Love) [POEM]

Love has
found itself
inside of me
like white sand beaches
finding me
by the sunsets
and wet
and near the water
and rested
with the giver of things
and dreams
inspired by the feeling
kneeling in the soul
peeling off the layers
of the old
to be bold
silent sensation
speaking louder
than conversations
that hold the promise
of being honest
with myself
afforded the luxury
of being
on my own
with someone else
for no other reason
than is that
I can
have the pleasure
of being measured
a treasure,
and backed by a gold
that values me whole
a soul rescued
by someone else…

the idea more tangible
than ever
that there is
something better
than a loneliness
that once kept me,

thank you,
white sand
and ocean
beautiful breeze
and the notion
that a view is worth the loss
of not ever seeing the cost
that was paid
to bring me
to you
that day…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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