Some (snakes) people you just have to leave alone. No they are not going to bite you or strike you and paralyze you with venomous intent. No they are not going to do that. They are not going to hiss or come off aggressive or pursue you with blood on their mind.

Nope, they’ll get close. They’ll slide on in to your life and they will seem unassuming. They won’t make all that snake noise and have those violent outburst of snake usual. No, they won’t be that way. Instead they’ll seem to embrace you. They’ll appear to give you just what you need, attention. It’ll seem like affection. It’ll seem like care.

And that will have a hold on you. It’ll feel good at first. It will feel very good. It’ll feel like acknowledgement and belonging. It’ll feel natural. You’ll feel in control.

And then you’ll feel overwhelmed. You’ll feel smothered. You’ll feel tight. You’ll feel restricted. Next thing you know, you’ll feel pressure. You’ll feel discomfort. You will then feel pain.

And then it’s too late, you’re crushed. That “hug” constricts and conquers you. And now you’re lunch. Or dinner. Or just another victim. A victim of that [snake] person doing what they were supposed to do.

That was natural to them. You just fell for it.



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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