There is always a peace to be had, always. Even in our most difficult and disturbing times. Even in the noise, mess, and stuff, that happens and always seems to disrupt our routines, our thoughts, or our reality. There is yet a peace to be found. Even moreso in these moments of trial and turmoil. Even in the midst of the muddy and murky. Right in the middle of the mayhem, and the misery, and the madness, there is a peace waiting to be discovered.

That peace doesn’t make everything right, it makes it easier to fight through. That peace makes it possible to breathe and think straight as you encounter the uncertainty. That peace gives you comfort in the uncomfortable bed of those trying and sleepless times. That peace gives you a slight bit of clarity and perspective that allows for you to realize the important things, the more important things. The things that matter more than whatever evil or damage or hurt can come your way. The peace that assures you that even this will pass, and be left in the dust of the past, to be met by new and other “stuff” that is sure to come.

So live, breathe in life, move, GO, DO, and BE… Because you must. Because no problem or issue deserves a right to crush you. You’ve had to deal with too much, you’re worth moving on, and getting better, and being renewed, and forgiveness, and being at peace.



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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