… Then YOU Do!

Trying to change will be as effective or ineffective as YOUR wanting to change.

Trying to change will not work if YOU do not want to change; Wanting to change will mean nothing if YOU do not try.

“Trying to want” will fail,
“Wanting to try” will fade…

YOUR try must be encouraged by YOUR want; YOUR want will be enforced by YOUR try.

They are synonymous, “want” and “try”, they must be established in unison, they must be simultaneously performed acts toward any goal, desire or plan. They must be symbiotic with a simplistic course of method, ACTION. A deliberate practice towards the realization of the objective is the only way to fully accomplish the set or determined goal of change.

YOUR best try will be a result of YOUR deepest want.
Trying not is wanting not.

No matter how hard YOU “try”, YOU have to “want” it on order for YOU to be interested and invested enough to follow-up and follow-through with it, whatever change that “it” is!

YOU cannot successfully try to change without wanting to. The want is the catalyst. The want is the miracle. The want is the means. The want is the difference, the secret, and the promise.

Sadly, most people don’t “want” to. They want the results of change. They want the benefits of change. They want the profits and popularity of certain change.
But they are rather comfortable with the usual and regular of not wanting anything different. They are accustomed and used to the routine and mediocrity of not having to change. They don’t have a desire or drive to shake up the monotony of placid and plain existence that is life without change.
Nor do they want the work that comes with or that is involved after a decision to change is made.

It is not fear, or access, or situation, or circumstance, or the conditions, that are to blame.
It is a choice. It is a decision being made to not make the choice. It is more laziness than ignorance that reduces the probability of attempting the thought of change.
It is a habit of function and operation outside of belief or hope or expectancy in the realization of change. It is because the sense of entitlement is imbalanced toward a false perspective and notion of lack.

YOU have to want it. Then YOU have to try it.

Then YOU do!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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