I’m going to challenge YOU to not only be challenged by a “challenge”.
Be challenged by the need, by the ignorance, be challenged by the belief.
Be challenged by the desire to empower and improve the lives around you, and your own, because they need be improved. Be challenged by the inherent hunger and thirst to be satisfied by the fullness of love and care and just. Be challenged by the hope of things to come, that are more aligned and affixed to the bounties of YOUR heart. Be challenged by YOUR reflection, by reflex, an automatic assertion towards a forward progress, exampling and exemplifying a habit and protocol of whatever it is that YOU are so “challenged” to be or do.
Do not only be “challenged” to charity, or care, or benevolence, or compassion, or mercy.
Not just for a cause, but because, BE-CAUSE!

I challenge YOU to not need a “challenge” to do better, or more, or right, but to do these things because YOU must. Because without doing these things YOU in effect challenge our progress beyond necessary. YOU challenge the orders and systems of good and compassion, with the selfishnesses of greed and ugly. YOU challenge evil for mere moments, to satisfy YOUR ego and YOUR pride, for sake of appearance, or popularity.

I challenge YOU to compel the most inner of YOUR spirit to free from the sanctum of idleness and independence out into the labor of work and necessary that MUST BE DONE in order to service a most greater need and much bigger picture.
I challenge YOU to secretly and quietly GO BODLY into the bowels of generosity and kindness and pull from there YOUR motive. I challenge YOU to be small, if so as to be sure. Let YOUR giving be cents if it can be consistent. Because strayed, stranded, and spread out BIG dollars, mean absolutely the least if not to be counted upon, or depended upon, or brought to pass.
I challenge YOU to volunteer, consistently. To promote life and peace, consistently. To speak these things, consistently.

Because YOUR greatest challenge is to be consistent. To be a flagship. To be the unnerved lighthouse along the most rigid of coast. Illuminated for even the most insignificant of ships. To be an example to the least of YOUR expect. To awake every morning and retire every night, challenged, to keep doing all and everything that YOU must to make things better. For all, for YOU.

Because in the getting of, or being given, life, there is no greater challenge on YOU than to GIVE;
And YOU shouldn’t have to be challenged to do that.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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